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Watch Remy Ma Give Nicki Minaj's Eulogy (Video)


Will Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj ever settle their beef? This is one feud that just refuses to end.

Remy is set to appear on an upcoming episode of MTV's Wild 'N Out, and ahead of the episode's premiere, MTV released a sneak peek that shows Remy taking yet another shot at her longtime rival.

During the "Rest in Peace" game, where teams take turns giving eulogies for different celebs, Nicki Minaj's name came up. After the crowd demanded Remy take that name on, rather than one of her team members, the rapper took the stage and delivered her savagely short eulogy, simply saying the name of her Nicki diss track, "ShETHER."

Was this a mic drop moment or are you over the whole thing? The whole Remy vs. Nicki thing is starting to get played out, but in Remy's defense, this episode was probably filmed months ago, back when the beef was still current.

Anyway, you can watch Remy give Nicki's eulogy in the sneak peek below.

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