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Watch The Kardashians React To Kris Jenner's Scary Car Crash

"Where is Mom? I thought she was going to be here."

Those who keep up with the Kardashians probably already heard that Kris Jenner was in a car accident in August, but the event is just now playing out on the family's reality show.

On the promo for the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the Kardashians react to the news that the family matriarch was involved in a car crash when someone turned in front of her Rolls-Royce and left it severely damaged. Luckily, Jenner was unharmed, but it was a pretty scary experience.

In the promo clip, Kourtney, Kendall, and Khloe are shown on the day of the accident, wondering why their mom is late coming home.

"Where is Mom?" Khloe asks at one point. "I thought she was going to be here."

An assistant then receives a phone call and reports, "Your mom was just in an accident."

That's something no one wants to hear and, understandably, the sisters look stricken. You can watch the promo clip below.

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