Watch This Guy Read Yeezy's New Shoes For Filth In The Greatest Review Ever

He calls them "othorpedic ravioli stumps" - among other things.

By Eric Shorey

Just yesterday, troubled millenial messiah Kanye West debuted the 5th collection from his notoriously poorly reviewed (yet unfathomably commercially successful) Yeezy line of clothing at New York Fashion Week.

Previous Yeezy "seasons" have shown off minimalist and muted monochromatic palettes with both Matrix-inflected apocalyptic knitwears and high-end athleisure staples, but Season 5 seems to be veering closer to post-ironic trends like Seinfeldcore (yes, that's a real thing). Is this the logical conclusion of the normcore? Is Kanye West the next George Costanza?

Fashion experts are scrambling to put together coherent thoughts about the new line, but one guy has already compiled a series of devastating reads about West's newest footwear. Ladies and gentlemen, the library is open:

Damn. Ya burnt, Kanye.

Meanwhile, here's what the rest of the collection is looking like:

Other Yeezy shows have featured controversial presentations, but Season 5 was rather tame by comparison. Running for only 15 minutes, the drama of the clothes was rather understated, although Us Magazine reported that credentialed press were kicked out and all photography was prohibited only moments before the unveiling began.

While the clothes are perhaps objectively (and probably intentionally) awful, at least the showing featured some new music. Rumors suggested that YS5 would be released alongside a new collaborative album with Drake, tentatively titled Lost Hills — but we're not seeing any signs of a new LP release just yet. Could the song played during the show be a new single?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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