Welcome To Our New On-Air & Digital Series, “Very Real Talk"

Where our hosts Marie Faustin and Rodney Rikai get very real on talk-worthy celebs, trends and issues.

By Matt Muro

If you watch Oxygen on TV or follow us online, chances are you’ll see comedian Marie Faustin and TV personality Rodney Rikai popping up in super short videos called Very Real Talk to break down the latest on talk-worthy issues, trends and celebs. First up is the ubiquitousness of Blac Chyna (“She’s black and Chinese, but can’t spell either?”) and Amber Rose (watch for the punch line)—and a little something about the "fact" that Harriet Tubman twerked. Also on Very Real Talk... 

Rodney tells his tale of a resourceful young man who was on an actual date while driving an actual Uber. 

Marie shares the perfect tip for women who’d like to be more aggressive in the dating game.

Plus, Rodney and Marie disagree on the creative baby-naming trend.


Marie Faustin is a stand-up comedian and force of nature whose YouTube channel is something you don’t want to miss (unless you’re a short man). The always on point Rodney Rikai holds down hosting gigs for BET and the NBA, interviewing celebs like Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx. Follow Marie (Twitter, Instagram) and Rodney (Twitter, Instagram) and stay tuned for more Very Real Talk.

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