Wendy Williams Gets Dragged After Blasting Jesse Williams, NAACP

It gets no worse than this.

By Jazzi Johnson

Oh, Wendy Williams. When will the controversy end? From the legendary read handed to her by the late Whitney Houston, down to the most recent foot-in-mouth moment of accusing Kesha of lying about rape-- her shenanigans seem to be never-ending. This time she showed her ignorance surrounding the issues about the plight of black people in America, and Black Twitter let her have it!

Yesterday on the Wendy Williams Show, the loved/hated gossip tv host explained her thoughts on Jesse Williams' speech—and many were left asking themselves, 'did she really say that?' 

"[Jesse Williams'] speech was very poignant on one hand," Wendy began. "On the other hand, you know, I would be really offended if there was a school known as a 'historically white college,' we have historically black colleges. She then takes a moment to stare up into her brain to conjure her next thought and had this to say: "What if there was a National Organization For White People Only" she continued, referring to the NAACP, which stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "By the way, what is this thing, 'colored'? We're still saying 'colored'?" she continued.

Watch what else she had to say when she began "choosing her words carefully" below.

Careful or not, her words were enough to catch Black Twitter's attention and spark a hell of a fire. First, the schooling:

And then there were the insults...

And, of course, the never-ending jokes...

Think she'll learn to listen this time? Yeah, me neither. SMH. 

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