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Wendy Williams Opens Up About Fainting On Live TV (Video)

"It was scary. It was really scary."

Wendy Williams had a much scarier Halloween than she probably expected.

The talk show host was in the middle of filming an episode of her show on Tuesday when she suddenly passed out; after abruptly cutting to commercial, the broadcast resumed, with Williams explaining that she'd gotten "overheated" in her Halloween costume.

Never one to shy away from sharing all the details, Williams spoke candidly about her on-air fall during Wednesday's show, People reports. And first things first? What happened was most definitely not a publicity stunt.

"First of all, I was trending all day — fabulous," she said. "But a lot of people thought that was a joke. No, that was a not a joke. I don't want to fall. I'm a tall woman, and it's a long way down. I'm also a woman of a particular age, and I'm not trying to break anything. Also I don't do stunts and jokes for you like that. I don't need that."

Williams went on to explain that she first began to suspect that something was wrong while talking to one of the show's producers about an upcoming segment. She described it as feeling "hot and a little dizzy … like something is about to happen."

"As she was talking to me, all I heard was 'blah, blah, blah' and all I'm thinking is, 'Wendy, oh my gosh,'" she said. "The crew brought out the clear plexiglass podium that you saw — we were about to do our Halloween costume contest. I was like, 'All right, Wendy. At least you're wearing flats and you're holding onto this and there's only 12 more minutes of the show. You can do it girl.'"

"So we come back from the break, I heard nothing that she said," she continued. "I immediately go to the teleprompter … and that's when you saw me with the eyes."

It looks to have been a genuinely frightening moment for Wendy; the veteran talk show clearly seemed emotional while discussing it with the studio audience.

"It was scary," she said. "It was really scary. It was so scary, all I could think of in the middle of the scare was, 'Don't pull the podium over on you, because that'll make it worse.'"

You can check out Wendy's full story in the clip below.

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