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Wendy Williams Says "Someone" Told Her Foxy Brown Had A Secret Baby

She's got the goss.

Secret babies are the new thing amongst celebrities these days. Tristan Thompson still won’t really admit he’s had a child. It’s a bit harder for the mothers to be hush hush about it, but they don’t have to share everything online if they don’t want to. Instead, they ring up Wendy Williams and she makes an on-air announcement.

LoveBScott reports that Wendy Williams said on her show Thursday that Foxy Brown had a baby girl just that morning. She doesn’t mention the father’s name, but says he’s a reggae star, and people are guessing that means the daddy is Foxy Brown’s ex-fiancé, Spragga Benz.


Williams tells the audience that a little while ago she wanted Foxy Brown to come on the show and perform, but the singer turned her down. Williams says she was upset at the time, but now it all makes sense. It’s hard to jump around on stage and hide that you’re eight months pregnant.

Wendy Williams says “someone” contacted her via her phone and says the lines are open if Foxy Brown wants to give any more deets. Kinda sounds like she already did? Congrats, Foxy brown.

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