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Whitney Houston's Nephew Pens Explosive Open Letter About The Houston Family

He describes his stepmother Pat Houston as a "Sociopathic Master-Superfan Manipulator" looking to "gain control" of his aunt's fortune.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
The Bobbi Kristina Brown Case, Explained

Whitney Houston's nephew, Jonathan Houston, posted an open letter about his family over the holidays.

In a lengthy Facebook post titled "The Grinch Who Stole Krissi (Bobbi Kristina Brown); Obsession, Jealousy and Greed. An Open Letter to The Houston Family," Jonathan writes in detail about his family, speaking specifically about his stepmother Pat Houston and what he views as her attempt to "gain control" of Whitney Houston's fortune.

"In short, my Step-Mother of twenty sum odd years, Pat Houston has singled handedly convinced me that she is a Sociopathic Master-Superfan Manipulator who was willing to demolish anyone in her path to gain control of the proverbial throne and fortune of my Aunt Whitney E. Houston, thus my cousin, Bobbi Kristina Brown," he writes. "She should be investigated. Pat, please step down and relieve yourself of all duties pertaining to The Estate of Whitney E. Houston."

Jonathan went on to recount an incident wherein he overheard Pat speaking about his aunt in what he calls a "negative" tone.

He explained, "As I continued to listen to the conversation that Pat was having with her cousin, I became shocked to hear the negative tone in which she was speaking of my transitioned Aunt Whitney (Tia) and cousin, Krissi; of who's fortune and name she continues to enjoy, boast and profit off of."

Jonathan later described his aunt as someone who regularly insulted Whitney and often tried to stir up trouble using her name.

"While enrolled at Morehouse College in 2009, Pat informed me that my Aunt Whitney Houston was essentially jealous of my sister and I because we were enrolled in college and Bobbi Kristina was not. Absurd," he wrote. "She continued to note how 'Whitney is lazy and thinks the world owes her something,' with disgust."

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