Who The Hell Is PartyNextDoor? 5 Things You Need To Know About Kylie's New Boo

Did he push Kehlani to her suicide attempt? 

By Eric Shorey

We'll get to the actual list in a second, but the first thing you really need to know about PartyNextDoor is that he is an actual person and not some kind of club kid tech startup.

With that in mind: it's time we get to know a little bit more about the upcoming singer, considering we'll certainly be hearing much more about him now that he's dating Kylie Jenner.

Now let's get to the facts:

1. He's a prolific artist.

PartyNextDoor is an R&B singer and rapper. He's actually rather prolific considering how little mainstream attention he had pre-Jenner. PND's self-titled mixtapes and albums span a handful of sub-genres, from straight up hip-hop to more smooth sounding adult contemporary. Party's sound is most easily comparable to Drake, who is featured on a handful of the upstart's tracks, and who considers PND a good friend and reliable lyricist. With little promotion behind them, the albums xstill managed to break through on Billboard charts. Pretty impressive! 

2. He might have been hooking up with Kehlani in March.

People reveals that PND shared a pic of himself in bed with Kehlani while she was still in a relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers player Kyrie Irving. The image has since been taken down, but many speculated on Kelhani's fidelity at the time. The image was captioned: "After all her shenanigans, still got the R&B singer back in my bed." The embarrassment may have pushed Kehlani to a suicide attempt.

3. Drake introduced PND to Kylie.

Hip-hop is a small world, ya know? So it's not too surprising that Drizzy played matchmaker by introducing PND to his new girl earlier this month. “[PartyNextDoor and Kylie] were all over each other at [Drake's] party, even though Kylie initially thought that this would be a rebound," a source told Us Magazine.

4. Kylie may have been seeing PND before her breakup with Tyga.

According to Radar Online, despite rumors that Tyga was the cheater, many have speculated that Kylie had betrayed her former beau long before. “Tyga flipped out on Kylie after he found out that she was hooking up with PartyNextDoor,” said one source. “He accused her of cheating on him while they were still together.” Then again, that could all be one huge lie cooked up by a gossip rag. 

5. He'll be releasing a joint album with Jeremih sometime soon.

Just announced yesterday, Jeremih and PND are teaming up for a big collaboration called Late Night Party. With no official release date in sight it's hard to tell exactly when the LP will drop, but we can already expect a follow up album to be titled Later That Night to come out shortly thereafter. 

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