Why Is Bruce Lee's Movie Starring A White Guy?

Hollywood never learns...

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The first look at the new Bruce Lee movie is out and it has everyone talking. Birth of a Dragon isn't so much about the Asian martial arts legend as it seems to be about a white guy.

According to Next Shark, the film is a fictionalized account that centers around a young white man named Steve McKie (played by Billy Magnussen), and Bruce Lee is a supplementary character... (*insert confusion*). The legendary fight between Lee and Wong Jack Man, which is at the heart of the film, is told through the lens of McKie.

Fans on Deadline, where the trailer premiered, are not happy. "Seriously, how is it novel to use a white guy from the Midwest to center the story on two Asian men? Why not just write a film about the Kung Fu greats themselves? The white guy never existed. Why make him part of history?" commented one. "A movie about Bruce Lee… Starring a white guy," echoed another.

Watch the trailer below:

[Photo: Facebook]

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