Why One Restaurant Created A 100-Pound Hamburger

It was for a good cause!

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Move over, Texas. Everything is bigger in Maine. Dirigo's Public House restaurant in Yarmouth, Maine is making headlines with its humongous 100-pound hamburger.

According to First We Feast, the monster burger comes in at about 70 pounds. Throw in piles of lettuce, tomato and ketchup and the resulting dish is heavier than a small child.

Like many things, the idea to create such a monstrosity started out as a joke. "It all starts as a joke," Ben Grant, the co-owner of the restaurant, tells WCHS. "Everybody is like, 'haha, the burgers are really good, you should go bigger."

Lucky for us, no one person scarfed down the entire burger. Customers grabbed pieces as part of an event, with all of the proceeds going to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. "It seemed inappropriate, especially pairing with our neighbors from down the street, to do something that is as excessive as this without some sort of community give-back," says Grant.

Giant food for a good cause.

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