Would You Wear KFC's Edible, Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish?

It comes in two flavors - Original and Hot & Spicy!

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Sure, we all love fried chicken, but would you want the smell - and the taste - of it on your fingers semi-permanently?

For all of you fried chicken super fans out there-- you're in luck; as part of a new (insane) marketing campaign, KFC has just released edible, flavored nail polishes that supposedly taste just like their chicken, AdWeek reports. The edible polish is even available in 2 flavors: Original and Hot & Spicy.

So how does it work? According to a statement released by the company, you simply apply the polish as you would any other, and then after it's dry, you can "lick - again and again and again."

If you're hoping to get your hands on the edible polish so you can lick your fingers "again and again," you might have a hard time doing so - the promotion is only taking place in Hong Kong, where customers can try out both before voting on which color/flavor should be mass produced.

Ready to seethe with jealousy? Check out the ad below.

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