WTF?! Court Declares That You Can Deny Someone A Job If They Have Dreads

“They tend to get messy, although I’m not saying yours are, but you know what I’m talking about."

America is a very racist country. It just is! So racist that a court recently declared it totally legal to not hire someone just because they have dreadlocks. I mean, honestly, what the hell is that?!

A company called Catastrophe Management Solutions has been fighting a lawsuit launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over the legality of discriminating against certain hairstyles. The suit was initiated by Chastity Jones, who was originally given a job at the company's Mobile, Alabama branch only to have it taken away once her employers saw her dreads.

NBC News reports that a company's HR Manager informed Jones that her hair violated company policy. “They tend to get messy, although I’m not saying yours are, but you know what I’m talking about,” said the manager. Excuse me?! DO PEOPLE NOT HAVE MANNERS ANYMORE?!

The EEOC connected the history of racial discrimination to the traditionally non-white hairstyle. The argument goes like this: "This was a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964's Title VII ... Claiming that dreadlocks do not fit a grooming policy is based on ... stereotypes and inherently discriminatory."

The jury disagreed, saying that while the hairstyle is often associated with African-Americans, "traits in a person's appearance that are tied to their culture but are otherwise changeable are not protected and can be used to deny job offers."

Sure sounds like a lame justification for blatant racism to me.

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