Young Thug's In A Dress For His Album Cover, And Everyone Has An Opinion

Is it queer appropriation or a black man living carefree?

By Jazzi Johnson

Last night, when Young Thug debuted his cover for his new album "No, My Name Is Jeffrey" outfitted in a lavish lavender dress, many were shocked - though I'd say it also could have been expected. Young Thug has been pushing the boundaries between queer culture and hip-hop since his arrival. From gay-alluding lyrics to calling his homies "bae" and "lover," and proudly wearing women's clothing—I like to celebrate him for his carefree way of life, to be who he is. But who is he?

Obviously, you don't have to be queer to wear whatever the hell you want, but when actually queer, gay, lesbian, and trans persons are being persecuted for being who they are on a daily, what is making Young Thug the exception? It appears to be his heterosexuality.

Young Thug has always maintained that he is straight, showing off his girlfriend, and dilly dallying with beautiful women from Instagram to music videos. And that's absolutely fine. But is there a fine line between appropriating queer culture (possibly for a profit and attention) and just being true to yourself?

One Twitter user, @hausmuva, questioned just that: "I feel so many ways about young thug," he began with a picture of Thug's latest artwork, implying the controversy.

Of course, many agreed, and many did not - proof that the debate is very complex from queer theory to combatting queerphobia.

Literally everyone is making a good point, and I feel like my head may just explode! Still, no Twitter debate is complete without a fun roasting, right? Of course not.

Oh, Twitter.  

[Photo: Atlantic Records Press Release, Getty Images]


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