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Saturday, Sept. 3 at 9:30/8:30C

911 Crisis Center

A pulse-pounding look at what really goes on in an emergency dispatch center in Ohio.
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About 911 Crisis Center

911 Crisis Center follows the action at a dynamic Chagrin Valley area emergency call center in Ohio. Team members’ experience varies from those who are 20-year veterans to those who are just starting out. However, all dispatchers are primed and ready to respond to a wide array of panic-stricken callers. Hearing callers terrorized by shots fired, angered over stolen cars, tearfully pleading during life-threatening medical emergencies or anxiety-ridden over lost children makes working efficiently critical. The dispatchers work to swiftly extract needed intel while calming the callers, providing them with detailed, life-saving instructions and relaying all pertinent details to law enforcement on the ground and en route. From gut-wrenching to heartwarming, these very first responders hear it all over the course of a 12-hour shift.