Sneak Peek: You Can't Sit With Us!!!

By Lauren Zupkus

V.I.P? More like V.I.Puhlleaassee LEAVE, Janelle! When Gina and her visiting friends get a V.I.P section at the club, everybody is welcome to come rage... minus Janelle, that is. After last week's "broke hoes" incident, Gina and the rest of the house are done with the weave whippin' diva. Gina proudly marches up to Janelle and tells her to leave, but the Houston native is not one to be told what to do. I'm no psychic, but it looks like a brawl is about to go down when the ladies get back to the mansion. Check it out in the Sneak Peek, and tune in Tuesday at 8/7c for more Bad Girls Club: Miami

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