Immigration Actually Decreases Crime Rates, According To A 20-Year Study

Turns out Republicans have been presenting #AlternativeFacts on the subject.

By Eric Shorey

The way people talk about immigration, you'd think that it was actually proven that people moving to America from outside the United States causes an increase in crime rates. Unfortunately, like most of the alternative facts spewed by Donald Trump's administration, this is simply not the case. A new report from the University of California has demonstrated that immigration decreases — not increases — crime rates.

Every theory offered by the GOP is discredited in the report. In reality: immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans, and cities with more immigrants have less crime. More specifically, "for murder, robbery, burglary and larceny, as immigration increased, crime decreased, on average, in American metropolitan areas ... These associations are strong and stable evidence that immigration does not cause crime to increase in U.S. metropolitan areas, and may even help reduce it."

Why is this, though? Well, it's evident that most populations simply tend to be less violent than native-born Americans. Moreover, urban areas that invite immigrants seem to experience less crime because immigrants work towards "revitalizing urban neighborhoods, creating vibrant communities and generating economic growth."

The report takes into account 20 years of data on the subject. Within this set, there were certainly a few studies that supported Trump's fears, but the overwhelming majority did not: "there were 2.5 times as many findings that showed immigration was actually correlated with less crime. And, the most common finding was that immigration had no impact on crime" at all.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like any amount of empirical research on the subject will actually change the minds of the GOP — especially not research from the "liberal elite" universities of The Golden State.

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