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Crime News Cold Justice

Take A Deep Dive Into The World Of 'Cold Justice'

Oxygen's hit investigative series, which returns on Saturday, September 3 at 8/7c, has helped bring about 21 convictions over the years.

By Becca van Sambeck

This article has been updated to reflect the Fall 2022 season of "Cold Justice."

How to Watch

Watch Cold Justice on Peacock and the Oxygen App.

When a homicide case goes cold, it can be devastating for the victim's loved ones, as it often feels like answers won't ever be discovered and justice won't ever be served.

This is when Kelly Siegler and the rest of the "Cold Justice" team step in.

"Cold Justice," Oxygen's hit investigative series from executive producer Dick Wolf and award-winning producers Magical Elves, follows veteran prosecutor Siegler and her rotating team of seasoned detective — Steve Spingola, Tonya Rider, and Abbey Abbondandolo — as they travel to small towns and dig into unsolved homicide cases that have lingered for years. By working alongside local law enforcement across the country, the "Cold Justice" team has successfully helped bring about 55 arrests, which so far have led to 21 convictions and many active prosecutions.

Coldjustice Spotlight Kellypolice Revised

Before the series returns onSaturday, September 3 at 8/7c on Oxygen, take a deep dive into the world of "Cold Justice."

The Purpose Of "Cold Justice"

"Cold Justice" began because Kelly Siegler, a former prosecutor, knew how difficult cold cases are to solve but also understood their importance for the victims' loved ones. 

"I knew there were so many [cold] cases on the verge of being solved if someone would look into the little-bitty details," she told TVLine in a 2017 interview.

The show has now looked at 100 cases over its six seasons and many culminated with justice for the victim and their family.

Spotlight Kellyandteam Solving

"It is the only show that exists today where we solve cold murder cases and we truly, truly get results," Siegler told Oxygen in a recent interview.

"I forget that it's a TV show. We make a difference in people's lives, we uncover the truth, and bad guys go to jail," Abbondandolo said in an Oxygen interview.

Of course, Siegler and her team stress that it isn't a matter of underperforming local law enforcement  — instead, "Cold Justice" is able to bring the necessary time and resources to solve these difficult cases.

"The system is oftentimes just overwhelmed," Abbondandolo said in a 2020 CrimeCon: House Arrest interview.

Profiles in Justice

So, how does a case get featured in "Cold Justice?"

"We have a group that has learned how all of this works over time and through trial and error. Their job is to be on the phone looking for cases all across the country and particularly focused on rural areas where they need more of our help. They run it by me on the phone and then I have to get the case files — you always have to get an entire case file and we can't do a case unless the family wants, it the local cops have invited us, and the DA has approved it, so we jump through a lot of hoops," Siegler said in a 2017 HuffPost interview.

Coldjustice Spotlight Kellysmile

If you'd like to submit a case for consideration for “Cold Justice,” please click here.

While the team does frequently deliver results, Siegler emphasized that when this happens it's more of a relief than pure excitement.

“Mothers and fathers’ hearts are still breaking,” Siegler told “Martinis and Murder” in 2019, adding, “Somebody’s gotta do this job.”

Meet The "Cold Justice" Team

Coldjustice Spotlight Kelly Intro

The four members of the team in the new season of "Cold Justice" come from varying professional backgrounds.

Spingola has retired from the Milwaukee Police Department, where he once supervised the homicide unit, while  Abbondandolo was a homicide detective with the Houston Police Department and Rider is a retired detective, formerly with the Toledo Police Department.

"As investigators, all four of us have different strengths," Rider told Oxygen.

The team demonstrates great chemistry on the show — and they confirm it's reflective of real life.

Coldjustice Spotlight Steve Intro

"Everybody is basically a big family. Behind the scenes stay in touch," Spingola said in an interview with CrimeCon: House Arrest.

After all, they're frequently working on tough and brutal cases together.

"Most of our cases, they're not cold, they're really cold," Spingola said, adding that he takes refuge from work with his three dogs, told Oxygen. 

The Most Memorable Cases Of "Cold Justice"

Coldjustice Spotlight Kellydesk Revised

This season, the aim of "Cold Justice" remains centered on giving victims and their families the justice that has eluded them for years, and sometimes decades.

"Every time I hear the word closure I wanna slap somebody. Where I come from and all the horror and tragedy of cases since I was 23, there is no such thing as closure. What we do try to get is justice. What justice means is that on this earth while we're alive in this courtroom we hold someone accountable for the murder they’ve committed," Siegler told Oxygen.

Coldjustice Spotlight Tonya Intro

With that goal, "Cold Justice" has found success. The show's team has helped bring about 55 arrests, which so far have led to 21 convictions and many active prosecutions over the years. For example, they helped law enforcement make an arrest in the murder of 26-year-old mother Heyzel Obando, who was found dead in her Florida apartment on Feb. 14, 2016. Three years later, Earl Antonio Joiner, her boyfriend at the time and a former player for the Florida Gators, was arrested.

In another case, the team's work led to an arrest in the murder of Johnnie Allbritton — 34 years after he was found shot dead with his own gun. His wife, Norma, was arrested in connection with the 1984 murder. The case is pending.

In a memorable episode, 73-year-old man Jesse Hogue was arrested for the 1994 murder of his wife, Jackie, after the team found a witness who claimed to be friends with the victim. They said Hogue had tearfully told them that "if he could go back to that day that Jackie would be alive," and  "No they can't convict me unless they find the gun."

While Hogue did deny killing his wife in an interview with "Cold Justice," he was arrested in March 2019 — partially due to the circumstantial evidence the team uncovered.

Coldjustice Spotlight Abbey Intro

Earlier this season, audiences saw Siegler and her team aid law enforcement in two new arrests

What's Next For "Cold Justice"

An Exclusive Message from Kelly Siegler

The "Cold Justice" team continues to actively work for justice for murder victims in small towns all over the country. The series returns for all-new episodes on Saturday, September 3 at 8/7c on Oxygen. Here's what to expect:

”A Mother’s Last Words” 

Kelly and Abbey investigate the brutal slaying of a pregnant woman who was able to call 911, but died before naming her killer. Eyewitnesses at a nearby bar could help crack the case … if they’ll talk. 

“Shot in the Dark” 

Kelly and Steve look into the 2007 murder of a single father who was gunned down by a sharpshooter with a high-powered rifle. State-of-the-art digital forensics may help poke a hole in the suspect’s alibi. 

“Dangerous Rendezvous” 

A woman went for her nightly walk and vanished in 2018. The last time she was seen alive was by an ATM security camera, which could hold the key to solving her disappearance. 

 ”For Love or Money?” 

Kelly and Terri investigate the 2015 homicide of a beloved father, veteran and Little League coach. A re-examination of the crime scene reveals a terrifying clue into who may have killed him.  

“The Key to the Crime (Part 1)” 

For their 100th case, the Cold Justice team examine the 2007 murder of a popular college student stabbed to death in her bed. They’ll need the help of their forensic pathologist, digital forensics expert and DNA lab to solve the case.  

“The Key to the Crime (Part 2)” 

In part two of their 100th case, the Cold Justice team continue their investigation into the murder of a popular 18-year-old college student. Will they be able to finally give answers and justice to her grieving family? 

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