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Crime News CrimeCon 2022

'Is This The Kind Of Case We Can Solve?' How The 'Cold Justice' Team Picks Cases

At "CrimeCon: Give-Back-A-Thon," the "Cold Justice" team also revealed what viewers can expect in new episodes.

By Becca van Sambeck
Kelly Siegler and Cold Justice Team Break Down How They Approach Cases in CrimeCon Event

Some cases may be solved quickly, but for others, it can takes years or even decades to ever get an answer.

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That's where the "Cold Justice" team comes in: Headed by veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler, the group helps local law enforcement in small towns across America re-investigate crimes to finally find answers. So far, their efforts have led to 55 arrests and 21 convictions.

Siegler and investigators Steve Spingola and Tonya Rider recently participated in a panel for "CrimeCon: Give-Back-A-Thon," a livestream event hosted by CrimeCon and Oxygen True Crime on Friday. The trio discussed how they pick cases, what they do to help solve them, and what viewers can expect in upcoming episodes.

"When we hear about a case – and we can hear about a case all kinds of different ways – [we ask] is this the kind of case that we could solve? And if we think we can, the local law enforcement agency has to want us, the elected D.A. has to agree that we can come work a case in his jurisdiction, and the family has to want this. And then only after all that, it happens," said Siegler.

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The trio emphasized that local law enforcement is crucial when it comes to solving the cases featured on the show.

"They've worked the crime scene, they develop the suspects, they sent the evidence to the crime lab, and it's necessary for us to come in Day One to know the intricacies of the case and be able to assist them in any way possible," noted Rider.

The team also shouted out their medical examiner Dr. Kathy Pinneri, who works on autopsies to determine the cause of death; Eric Devlin, a digital forensics expert who focuses on cell phone analysis; and ballistics expert Chris Robinson, who creates crime scene reconstructions, in helping make arrests happen.

The community itself is also essential when it comes to solving a case, Siegler explained.

"We like to call it the world of witnesses. If you have a community or a town or a group of people ... that are invested and credible and alive and have their memories and most of all really, really, truly want to help and care and tell the truth, there you go," she said.

"It's a total team effort and sometimes I would like just, at the end of the show, put everybody's name — from all of us to all of you people, thank you," Spingola added.

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While they don't always solve the case, the "Cold Justice" team is proud of the work they've done and the successes they have had. What means the most is being able to help families who have been waiting to get justice for their loved ones.

"All we're trying to do is give these poor families some help, some answers, some justice, and we're going to do everything that we can to try and solve their case. Every time we leave a town I really hope that we've accomplished that goal," Siegler concluded.

As for what's next, the "Cold Justice" team is continuing to work on helping law enforcement solve more cases that have lingered without answers for years.

You can stream episodes of "Cold Justice" here.