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'I Don't Remember Anything,' Alleged Family Killer Tells Relative In Newly Released Jailhouse Call

Anthony Todt — the man accused of killing his wife Megan and their kids Aleksander, Tyler and Zoe — told a relative in a phone call that he recalls searching for a Mickey Mouse necklace “the night everything happened."

By Gina Tron
Anthony Todt Allegedly Kills Wife, 3 Kids Near Disney World

Accused family killer Anthony Todt claims in a newly released jailhouse call that he doesn't remember anything about the deaths of his wife and three children.

The bodies of Megan Todt, 42, Aleksander Todt, 13, Tyler Todt, 11, Zoe Todt, 4, and the family dog Breezy were found in January inside their home in Celebration, Florida, a town originally developed by The Walt Disney Company. The victims are believed to have died weeks earlier, around the same time that relatives lost contact with them.

A medical examiner recently determined that both "homicidal violence" and an overdose of an allergy drug played a role in their deaths. Anthony Todt, 44, was formally charged with their murders in February.

Todt told a relative in a late February jailhouse call, obtained and published this week by Click Orlando, that he remembers very little from that time.

I don’t remember anything pretty much over Christmas and the first week I got here,” Todt told a female relative in the call. “I don’t remember coming here. I don’t remember anything after the events that happened, that kind of stuff. I have no idea where I was, where I am and the only thing I remember is being at the hospital, I guess.”

As Todt was being arrested in January, he told investigators that he had ingested a large quantity of an allergy drug and he made comments about harming himself, according to investigative documents previously obtained by Oxygen.com. He was taken to a hospital as a result.

“I have no idea what I told investigators," Todt also told his relative in the newly released call.

While investigators have claimed he has confessed to killing his family, the details of that alleged conversation have not been released. 

Todt told his relative that “the night everything happened” he was searching for a silver Mickey Mouse necklace that Zoe wanted. He said he couldn’t find it. 

“I ended up falling asleep and let’s just leave it at that," he said.

Todt Family Fb

He begged his relative to track down both the Mickey Mouse necklace and his mother’s ring. He said the ring was attached to a crucifix he was wearing around his neck when he was arrested.

“I had [the crucifix] on me the whole time,” Todt said. “There’s a few things I do remember and I do remember always checking to make sure it [the ring] was there. It was always on my crucifix.”

In addition to inquiring about those keepsakes and talking about memory loss, he told his relative that he loved his wife.

“I want you to know a couple of things,” he said. “That I absolutely loved, honored and obeyed Megan through everything. Um 'cause a lot of things will come out, I can’t talk about it right now. Realize that, OK?”

Stab wounds were found on the abdomens of both Megan and the couple’s sons. Megan was stabbed twice and each boy was stabbed once, according to autopsy reports previously obtained by Oxygen.com. Megan's stab wounds resulted in blood being found in her abdomen, which indicates the injuries came during or before her death, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

There was no blood found in Aleksander and Tyler’s abdomens. Zoey suffered no visible trauma but, like the rest of her family, the autopsy noted that she died from a mix of Benadryl and homicidal violence. It’s unclear how the dog died.

Todt is being held without bond for four counts of first-degree murder and on $1,500 bond for an animal cruelty charge. He's pleaded not guilty.

Before the alleged killings, Todt was being investigated by the FBI and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for supposed health care fraud pertaining to his former physical therapy practice in Connecticut.