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Jennifer Dulos' Family Calls 'Gone Girl' Theory Claiming She's Alive And Saw Doctor 'Absurd'

"To allege that Jennifer — together with her family — orchestrated her own disappearance is baseless and cruel," Carrie Luft, a spokesperson for Jennifer Dulos, states.

By Gina Tron
Police Believe Fotis Dulos Was ‘Lying In Wait’ For Wife Jennifer

The family of missing mother of five Jennifer Dulos is denouncing her estranged husband’s theory that she's still alive, calling his lawyer’s newest claim that she saw a doctor in July “absurd.”

Fotis Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis, filed yet another motion requesting access to Jennifer’s medical records on Friday, alleging that a recent medical bill his client received shows that she visited a doctor in July — nearly a month and a half after she vanished, the Hartford Courant reported. 

“If Ms. Dulos did, as the bill suggests, receive medical services on July 7, 2019, she is obviously alive, if not necessarily well,” Pattis wrote in the motion, adding that it was for “reproductive” services at a New York medical facility, according to The Hour, an outlet in southwest Connecticut.

Carrie Luft, a spokeswoman for Jennifer Dulos’ family and friends, called this theory both “absurd” and “cruel” in a Monday statement sent to news outlets.

“The insurance claim in question, dated July 7, 2019, is for an auto-billed quarterly fee with no connection to in-person services — the Anthem claims summary in Mr. Dulos’s possession lists this same charge every three months,” Luft stated. “To allege that Jennifer obtained medical treatment in July is absurd. To allege that Jennifer — together with her family — orchestrated her own disappearance is baseless and cruel.”

Furthermore, she added, ‘Yet again, the allegations by Mr. Dulos’s attorney blame the victim and inflict pain on her family and loved ones.”

Pattis’ motion also claimed that Jennifer’s family could be helping her stay alive and hidden, arguing that they have both the financial means and the motive.  Pattis has tried and failed twice to get Jennifer's medical records records — both last month and over the summer.

Pattis — the same lawyer defending controversial radio show host Alex Jones in his Sandy Hook defamation case —has been standing by his theory that Jennifer orchestrated her own disappearance in order to frame her husband. Pattis first suggested to the New York Post in June that Jennifer may have staged her disappearance, claiming she once wrote a book manuscript with a similar plot to Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel “Gone Girl.” That novel, which was also turned into a movie, is about a woman who fakes her own death to frame her husband.

Pattis admits he never read the supposed 500-page manuscript, but said, “This is a person who has a pretty florid imagination and motives to use it to hurt Mr. Dulos.” Additionally, he has put forward the idea that Jennifer may have committed some form of revenge suicide following upsetting medical news. 

A spokesperson for Jennifer’s family and friends has consistently denounced the suggestion that she staged her own disappearance. Author Flynn herself has even expressed disgust over the theory. Jennifer’s family is calling the newest claim yet another distraction from the charges filed against Fotis, the Courant reports.  

Both Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have been charged with evidence tampering in connection with the missing mother’s disappearance. Authorities allege that both took part in cleaning up evidence related to the case. Investigators have claimed in an arrest warrant that Fotis was "lying in wait" for his wife at her home on the day she disappeared, and that the “crime and clean-up are believed to have occurred" soon after.

Despite media appearances in which Fotis claimed that he and his wife split amicably, court documents filed by Jennifer stated that she was scared of him. She went missing on May 24 while in the middle of a heated custody battle with her husband over their five children.

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