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Ex-Defense Lawyer in Relationship with Client Allegedly Had Violent Past Before Being Charged in Triple Murder

Keegan Harroz is accused of killing the ex-girlfriend of her client and lover, as well as the ex's parents, at their home in Beggs, Oklahoma in 2019. 

By Elisabeth Ford
Barry Roland Titus Ii and Keegan Kelley Harroz

A former defense lawyer who got into a romantic relationship with a client, and allegedly helped him kill his ex-girlfriend and her parents, reportedly had a violent past.

Keegan Harroz, an ex-Oklahoma criminal defense attorney, is charged in the murders of Tiffany Eichor, 43, her 65-year-old father Jack Chandler and her 69-year-old mother Evelynn Chandler, who were all shot and killed in their home in Beggs on September 7, 2019. Barry Ronald Titus II — Harroz’s lover and former client — is charged in the murders as well.

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According to a co-worker of Harroz, this is not her first run-in with law enforcement.

“She was smart and effective. Judges respected her,” David Bedford, her former romantic and legal partner, told People.

Did Keegan Harroz have a violent past?

Harroz was previously charged with assault and battery on a police officer and domestic assault against her then-husband Nicholas Harroz in May 2014, according to People. Nicholas told investigators that Harroz kicked him twice in the face.

“The reporting officer documented that the [victim] had blood on his left ear, swollen lumps on his face, and abrasions to his forehead, cheek, and bridge of his nose,” stated a probable cause affidavit obtained by People. The charges in this case were eventually dropped.

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Bedford previously spoke with Oklahoma’s KFOR-TV and said he voiced his concerns about Harroz to the Oklahoma Bar Association and Oklahoma County District Attorney months before the triple homicide.

When did Keegan Harris begin dating Barry Titus II?

Bedford told People that Harroz’s “decision-making went down the tubes” when she began dating Titus. “Not showing up at work. Her attitude was indifferent. She was not communicating. She started changing.”

Harroz began representing Titus in the fall of 2018 on drug and firearm charges, according to People. Their professional relationship soon turned romantic. 

Titus had also been charged with felony assault against Eichor, his ex, who had a protective order against him. Harroz represented him in both the assault and restraining order case.

In an alleged revenge plot against Eichor, Harroz approached another client — who was charged in a separate drug trafficking case — and asked him to plant what she described as methamphetamine at the home where Eichor lived with her parents in January of 2019.

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The client said that Harroz wanted to get back at Eichor for testifying against Titus. The package turned out to be powdered sugar, according to The Oklahoman, and was allegedly planted to discredit Eichor.

What happened to Tiffany Eichor and her parents, Jack and Evelynn Chandler?

Prosecutors claim that Harroz and Titus killed Eichor and her parents so Titus could “avoid prosecution” in the charges against him involving his ex-girlfriend.

In processing the crime scene, investigators found that on the night of the killings, the family’s surveillance system recorded two individuals exiting a light-colored vehicle “consistent with the car owned by Keegan Kelley Harroz,” according to a press release from the local district attorney's office.

The individuals then approached the home and cut the power to the residence around 3 a.m., which stopped the surveillance video. They are believed to have kicked down the door and shot all three victims to death with two different weapons.

According to the release, a witness said he sold an AR-15 rifle to the couple a month before the murders. He also told investigators that Harroz retrieved another rifle from her vehicle and tested both weapons at the witness’s range.

“It was determined that the shell casings fired from the rifle Keegan Harroz retrieved from the vehicle matched those shell casings seized from the crime scene,” investigators stated.

Authorities also found DNA on a ball cap found at the crime scene that matched Titus.

Where are Keegan Harroz and Barry Titus II Now?

Harroz was sentenced to two years in federal prison for being a prohibited person unlawfully in possession of a firearm in March 2021. Titus was sentenced to three years in federal prison for being a prohibited person unlawfully in possession of a firearm a month later, after pleading guilty to unlawfully possessing a firearm while being an unlawful user of a controlled substance, according to People.

Just days after the sentencing, Harroz and Titus were both charged with three counts of premeditated murder and one count of burglary in the first degree, Oxygen.com previously reported.

If found guilty, they will face the death penalty.

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