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Crime News What To Watch On Oxygen

Dive Into The Most Notorious True Crimes On Oxygen's Free App

Get ready for twisted killers, family massacres, and more disturbing true crime stories.

By Oxygen Staff

The murder of Gianni Versance. Ed Kemper's murder spree. Some crimes are just so twisted and so shocking, they ascend into infamy. The seductive scam artist who earned the nickname "Dirty John." Some crimes are just so twisted and so shocking, they ascend into infamy. You can dive into these notorious true crime cases on Oxygen's free app. Here's what to stream:


Killing Versace: The Hunt For A Serial Killer

Killingversacethehuntforaserialkiller S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

No two people could have been more different than Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan. The first, a world-renowned fashion designer whose friends included Elton John, Madonna and Princess Diana. The second, a deranged social climber whose delusional boasts involved exotic travel, money and celebrity. In 1997, their worlds collided in South Beach, the place Versace had come for inspiration, and the place Cunanan journeyed to live out his violent fantasies. The special chronicles Cunanan’s cross-country murder spree in which he took the lives of four men before arriving in Miami and setting his sights on Versace. Those interviewed question investigative flaws that enabled Cunanan to hide in plain sight from law enforcement, live free in South Beach and commit his final murder before taking his own life.

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Manson: The Women

Mansonthewomen S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Nearly 50 years since one of the most notorious killing sprees in America rocked the nation, questions surrounding the illusive Manson Family remain. To understand exactly how one of the most daunting madmen in history charmed his way into the lives of the women who formed his family, this compelling two-hour special takes a deep dive into their psyches through the lens of the counterculture movement that swept the 1960s. Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, Sandra “Blue” Good, Catherine “Gypsy” Share and Dianne “Snake” Lake recount their experiences with Manson, life on Spahn Ranch and their leader’s eventual descent into madness. Their candid, in-depth interviews provide a unique perspective on what it meant to be a part of the infamous Manson Family and vividly depict the collapse of a freewheeling family whose leader groomed a few of its own to commit murder.

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The Turpin 13: Family Secrets Exposed

Theturpin13 S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Host Soledad O’Brien takes a deep dive into the story surrounding the Turpin family and the parents, David and Louise, who have been charged with keeping their children shackled and starved within the four walls of their own Perris, California, home. Retracing the family’s past and present, O’Brien goes beyond the shocking headlines to ask how far back the family’s secrets go and how the alleged abuse was kept hidden for so long.

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Dannemora Prison Break

Dannemora Prison Break S1 1200x1200

Hosted by award-winning veteran correspondent Troy Roberts, the riveting two-hour special delves into the shocking story of an audacious mind game that empowered two homicidal prisoners enough to charm their way out of a maximum-security facility in the sleepy prison town of Dannemora, New York. On June 2015, inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt carried out a historic prison break from Clinton Correctional Facility, resulting in a 21-day manhunt that captivated the nation. As each unbelievable detail of the escape unfolded, their brilliantly executed plan pointed to help from inside the presumed-impenetrable prison walls, thus catapulting civilian employee Joyce Mitchell to the center of it all.

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Dirty John, The Dirty Truth

Dirthyjohn S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

"Dirty John, The Dirty Truth" goes beyond the articles and podcasts made famous by Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard, and traces con man John Meehan’s trail of manipulation that started long before he met Debra Newell. Through the eyes of the real people he deceived, the documentary takes a deep dive into his troubled past and his altercations with law enforcement, and features exclusive interviews with former girlfriends who speak out for the very first time.

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Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project

Kimkardashianwest Thejusticeproject S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

In Oxygen’s two-hour documentary Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, after hearing the story of Alice Marie Johnson - a great-grandmother serving a life-plus-25-year sentence as a first-time nonviolent offender - Kim Kardashian West embarked on a road to advocacy as she campaigned for criminal justice reform and helped convince the White House to grant Alice clemency in June 2018. The show captures Kim as she lends a hand to right injustices and advocate for change by exploring the cases of Dawn Jackson, Alexis Martin, Momolu Stewart and David Sheppard, all of whom she and the legal experts she is working alongside believe have been unfairly sentenced. The documentary follows the origins of their individual stories, revealing the devastating circumstances that led them to take the actions that changed their lives forever. In her crusade to shed light on the criminal justice system and help people who are impacted by incarceration, Kim travels to prisons, speaks to families and friends, lobbies public officials and consults with lawyers as well as her own legal team from #cut50 to develop strategies to facilitate releases. Along the way, the film documents the progress that led to Momolu Stewart and David Sheppard’s releases. It also highlights Kim’s growing understanding of mandatory sentencing, the damaging problems of mass incarceration and the importance of educational programs and rehabilitation efforts for a successful reentry into society.

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The Piketon Family Murders

Thepiketonfamilymurders S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

For more than two years, the residents of Piketon lived their lives in fear, hoping day in and day out that law enforcement would find the individuals responsible for the killings as rumors started swirling around the town. Then, this past November, a series of arrests were finally made that further rocked the town. Shockingly, four members of a prominent family in Piketon, the Wagners, were charged with first degree murder. In this tight-knit, private community, the residents became torn between a developing feud among two families no one saw coming. Through the eyes of local community members, family, friends, local law enforcement and journalists, “The Piketon Family Murders” pulls back the curtain, from the frantic 911 call all the way up to the pre-trial hearings, as bombshell revelations are brought to light.

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Seduced By Evil

Seducedbyevil S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Seduced by Evil” delves into the world of the wickedly smart and dangerously evil Derek Alldred, a criminal mastermind who sought out relationships with unsuspecting women and entangled them in a web of lies to deplete their savings and support his fabricated life. Through the eyes of the countless women he deceived, the documentary features exclusive interviews with former victims who speak on the emotional devastation and financial ruin Alldred left behind and how they ultimately banded together to take him down.

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The Case Died With Her

Thecasediedwithher S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

In this harrowing special, legal commentator and former prosecutor Loni Coombs dives into the shocking case of Emilie Morris. A young woman in her 30s, Emilie met a tragic and - to her family - mysterious death before she was due to appear in court regarding her charges against Jim Wilder for sexually inappropriate behavior she experienced as a minor.

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Serial Killers

Method Of A Serial Killer

Methodofaserialkiller S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

When Israel Keyes was caught for the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, police had no clue what they'd stumbled upon. After intense games of cat and mouse, the FBI uncovered one of the most calculated serial killers they’d ever encountered.

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Monster Preacher

Monsterpreacher S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

“Monster Preacher” takes a deep dive into the life of Gary Heidnik, a pastor in Philadelphia who brought the darkest of nightmares to life when he lured and confined six women as captives in his basement. In November 1986, Heidnik brutalized these women for four months as he chained, tortured, raped, and even killed in his effort to create a colony of sex slaves to have his offspring. With exclusive access to two of the four surviving victims, Josefina Rivera and Jackie Askin, along with expert interviews from those closest to the case, the two-hour special takes viewers on a chilling ride through Philadelphia’s most frightening horror story and sheds light on the racial and social dynamics that affected both Heidnik’s motivation and the police investigation. The two survivors meet in person for the first time since their release from Heidnik’s “Horror House” to recount their experiences and the abuse they endured and share how they were ultimately able to survive and move forward with their lives over three decades later.

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Rifkin On Rifkin

Rifkinonrifkin Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Through newly revealed interviews from Attica Correctional Facility, New York’s most prolific serial killer, Joel Rifkin, reveals exclusive insights into the mind of a monster. With unprecedented access to Rifkin’s childhood friends, investigators on the case and those closest to the victims, viewers will gain a fresh perspective into the psyche of the infamous serial killer. How did he continue to fly under the radar through 17 murders? Those closest to the case reveal how Rifkin became the invisible madman who made headlines and almost got away with murder.

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Golden State Killer: Main Suspect

Goldenstatekiller Mainsuspect S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Hosted by NBC News investigative journalist Stephanie Gosk, this two-hour special offers an intimate look into the life of Joe DeAngelo, the suspect in custody, through new and exclusive interviews from those who were closest to him and offering a gripping depiction of the prime suspect in a decades-long manhunt. To his family, friends and former colleagues, DeAngelo lived the life of the classic “average Joe” - a father, grandfather, veteran and even former police officer. DeAngelo now stands accused of being the man behind one of the most ruthlessly enduring crime sprees of all time and is believed to have raped more than 45 women and murdered at least 12 people. He is currently charged with 12 counts of first-degree murder and has so far not entered a plea. Joining Gosk is Bay Area detective Paul Holes, who helped search for the Golden State Killer for nearly a quarter of a century and played a key role in the arrest of Joe DeAngelo.

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The Jane Doe Murders

Janedoemurders S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Yolanda McClary, a renowned forensic specialist and former Las Vegas crime investigator who specializes in the recovery of DNA, has made it her mission to help give Jane Does their names back. Using groundbreaking new forensic technology and DNA databases, Yolanda and her team of genealogists set out to help local law enforcement solve a murder case from 23 years ago and reveal the identity of a woman left for dead in the remote woods of Polk County, Oregon. With nothing but bones, Yolanda works feverishly to piece together what happened and potentially uncover clues that can help open new roads in the case.

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Kemper On Kemper: Inside The Mind Of A Killer

Kemperonkemperinsidethemindofaserialkiller S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

In this exclusive sit-down session, John Douglas, the former FBI Special Agent who interrogated Kemper extensively and founded the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, and psychiatrist Louis Schlesinger, who also interviewed Kemper, take a deep dive into Kemper’s troubled history, intellect and evolution and the groundbreaking work that led to breakthroughs in how law enforcement continues to track and catch America’s most vicious serial killers.

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Catching A Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur

Catchingaserialkillerbrucemcarthur Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Bruce McArthur was many things: friend, grandfather, mall Santa, landscaper - and a ruthless serial killer. He lived a double life: his wholesome appearance and cooperative nature eluded cops for years while he engaged in a hedonistic lifestyle filled with violent sex that often went too far. He cunningly took advantage of his work as a gardener and buried his victims’ body parts in the yards of his posh clientele. “Catching a Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur” unravels the twists and turns of the shocking investigation into Toronto’s most prolific serial killer. Through exclusive interviews with McArthur’s close friends and the homicide investigators who cracked the case and expert analyses by leading criminologists and forensic psychologists, this two-hour special uncovers how McArthur targeted, terrorized and murdered members of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ community, The Village, for nearly a decade before getting caught.

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Catching A Serial Killer: Samuel Little

Samlittle S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Little has confessed to 93 murders, and FBI analysts believe his confessions are credible.

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The Disappearance Of The Millbrook Twins

Millbrooktwins S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook, 15-year-old fraternal twins, vanished off the streets of Augusta, Georgia, on March 18, 1990. It’s one of the only cases of missing twins in American history, but their case was scarcely investigated and most of the country has never heard of them. This is a tragedy that cuts deep into America’s never-ending struggle with race and class. Exclusive access to work with the first African American sheriff in Augusta’s nearly 300-year history - a man who grew up just blocks away from the Millbrook family home - will reignite the investigation into the twins’ disappearance for the first time since they went missing in hopes that answers are on the horizon.

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Up And Vanished

Upandvanished S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

"Up and Vanished" is based on the hit investigative podcast of the same name with over 340 million downloads and focuses on new cases of missing individuals, as Payne Lindsey and his team of investigative podcasters search for answers to help the victims’ families gain a sense of closure. Each episode will feature a different case of a missing person. New witnesses will be interviewed and persons of interest will be confronted as Payne and his team stop at nothing to find the truth and try to unravel these mysterious disappearances.

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Uncovered: The Cult Of Yahweh Ben Yahweh

Uncoveredyahweh S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

"Uncovered: The Cult of Yahweh Ben Yahweh" explores how Yahweh Ben Yahweh manipulated thousands, led with intimidation and gained political influence for more than a decade. Then in 1990, Yahweh Ben Yahweh was arrested and accused of orchestrating multiple murders, ordering his inner circle, more formally known as the "death of angels," to facilitate these violent actions on his behalf. Was he actually the mastermind behind these crimes or did some of his members take his teachings to an unimaginable level? Through first-hand accounts from former and current followers of the group, law enforcement, legal experts and family members, Ben Yahweh's story is told in chilling detail from his rise to power all the way through his shocking trial.

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Uncovered: Killed By Hate

Hateuncovered S1 Logo Vertical 852x1136

On June 7th, 1998, James Byrd Jr., an African American, was murdered by three white supremacists in Jasper, Texas. He had been beaten, tied to the back of a car and dragged for three miles. Four months later, on October 6th, 1998, Matthew Shepard, an openly gay student at the University of Wyoming, was beaten, tortured, set on fire and hung from a fence and left to die near Laramie, Wyoming. Both James Byrd Jr. and Matthew Shepard succumbed to brutal injuries, but it was a far greater force that took their lives: hate. Nearly a decade after their murders, President Barack Obama signed into law the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. With one swift signature, America sent a message to the world: that we would not tolerate crimes committed against people based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability. Now, 10 years later, the real question is, has it worked?

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Uncovered: The McMartin Family Trials

Uncovered Themcmartinfamilytrials S1 Keyart Logo Vertical 852x1136

"The McMartin Family Trials" turns the lens to 1983, when the small South Bay community of Manhattan Beach was rocked to its core when a child from a prestigious school, the McMartin Preschool, accused a teacher of molestation. What started out as one allegation soon became a media frenzy, with no shortage of children coming forward claiming to corroborate the story and add to the accusations. This led to seven teachers getting charged and two of them standing trial for heinous crimes, culminating in a seven-year trial that cost taxpayers $15 million (the most expensive trial in history) and yielded zero convictions. The claims were unsupported, many people believed the children’s testimonies were coerced and the lives of the families involved were shattered.

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