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OnlyFans Model Told Police Her Boyfriend Was 'Stalking' Her Days Before His Fatal Stabbing, New Video Shows

“He wouldn’t leave me alone,” Courtney Clenney told Miami Police just two days before prosecutors say she stabbed Christian Obumseli to death.

By Jill Sederstrom
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OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney pleaded for help from Miami Police, claiming her boyfriend was “stalking” her, just days before authorities allege that she stabbed him to death, according to newly released video footage.

The bodycam footage, recently released by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and obtained by Oxygen.com, shows Clenney speaking with Miami Police officers in the lobby of her luxury apartment building on April 1, after building management had called police to report a domestic dispute.

“He wouldn’t leave me alone,” Clenney, who was visibly shaking and crying throughout the encounter told police.

Clenney explained that she had tried breaking up with Obumseli but she found him sleeping on a couch in an elevator room outside of their apartment. She claimed she had been so afraid of him she hadn’t walked her dogs all day.

When she finally did go to the dog park, Clenney alleged that Obumseli had followed her and she told him, “Your time is up.”

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When they got back to the apartment complex, she told police that he tried to follow her onto the elevator, but she resisted and asked him not to follow her.

"I want a restraining order against Christian Obumseli,” she said in the video, later telling police he had been “stalking her."

She also told police that Obumseli had been violent in the past.

“I have not always been a victim, but like right now I am the victim in this situation,” she said.

A security guard at the property also told police they had seen Obumseli “charging” toward her.  

Footage of the Courtney Clenney Bodycam video

“We get down to the lobby area, her boyfriend comes charging towards her and we actually try getting in the middle of it," the man said.

Police, who asked Clenney whether she was intoxicated, explained that Clenney would have to get a restraining order through the court system and that it wasn’t something they could grant her.

They also said that because Obumseli had been living with her in the apartment, they couldn’t arrest him for trespassing since he technically lived there.

Before leaving, police walked her back to the apartment to ensure she got there safely and checked to make sure that Obumseli was not there.

Two days later, Obumseli would be dead after authorities say Clenney stabbed him to death.

Her attorneys have claimed she acted in self-defense and have argued that the police bodycam footage backs up their claim that she had been a victim of abuse and had been “failed by the system.”

"It appears that the responding officers could have handled Courtney’s appeals for assistance with more sensitivity and an understanding that many victims of domestic violence are hesitant to come forward and have the police arrest their abuser," defense attorney Frank Prieto said in a statement to NBC affiliate station WTVJ. "It would also appear from the video that her former boyfriend’s violent behavior toward her was well known by her building’s security. On the video, she clearly asks for help in getting a restraining order and claims she is being stalked."

In August, Clenney was arrested in Hawaii. She is facing charges of second-degree murder in Obumseli’s death after prosecutors concluded that Obumseli had been the victim of domestic abuse, insisting that he had been unarmed and she had been the aggressor, according to The Miami Herald.

A 911 call released in the case and obtained by the news outlet, captures a frantic Clenney calling 911 to report the stabbing as Obumseli can be heard in the background.

“I can’t feel my arm. I can’t my feel my arm,” he said in the video.

“My boyfriend is dying of a stab wound!” Clenney cried. “Baby, I’m so sorry!”

The Obumseli family attorney, Larry Handfield, told the news outlet he believes the 911 call demonstrates Clenney’s state of mind at the time of the stabbing.

“She’s saying she’s sorry because she’s realizing what she’s done,” he said. “She’s not saying, ‘I was defending myself.’”

He also dismissed the earlier disturbance call saying it was irrelevant to what happened the day of stabbing.

“Everyone knew they had an on-again off-again relationship,” he said.

According to Handfield, Clenney had previously been arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly throwing a drink at Obumseli.

“There is a pattern when she drinks, she becomes a different person,” he said. “What the defense is seeking to do is to try to use an incident in which she is clearly intoxicated as justification of her taking Obumseli’s life two days later.”

Before her arrest, Clenney had amassed millions of followers on social media and OnlyFans, an internet content subscription service where users can pay for private content.

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