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R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Azriel Clary Reunited With Family After Fight With Singer’s Other Girlfriend

“People don’t understand she’s hurt,” Azriel Clary's mother, Alice, said of her time with R. Kelly. “This man lied to her for years, and she was doing what she thought a good girlfriend would do because that’s what she thought she was.”

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
Disturbing Details of R. Kelly's Alleged Abuse of Four Victims

Following an altercation that took place at R. Kelly’s Chicago condo this week, Azriel Clary, one of the singer’s girlfriends, is “back home with her family,” her mother has said.

Clary, 22, took to Instagram Live on Wednesday to stream a confrontation with Kelly’s other girlfriend, 24-year-old Joycelyn Savage. Clary told police that Savage and another woman, referred to as Kelly’s “handler,” came to Kelly’s condominium in Trump Tower, where both women have reportedly been living, in order to retrieve his Grammy Awards and other items; Savage then began hurling accusations at her before physically attacking her, Clary claimed.

Savage was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery causing bodily harm is scheduled to appear in court next month, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Clary, meanwhile has returned home to be reunited with her family, her mother, Alice Clary, told PEOPLE.

Azriel Clary

“The battle is won because she’s still here, she’s still alive, she’s still breathing and though she lost a few years of her life, she’s still here to tell her story,” Alice Clary said, according to the outlet. “Because I chose not to keep her secluded in her life, she’s here now and we’re able to say the victory is won because she finally came to her senses and she’s back home with her family.”

Clary and Savage stood up for Kelly in the wake of a damaging docu-series that chronicled decades of alleged sexual misconduct, most notably during a “CBS This Morning” interview last year during which they passionately defended the 53-year-old singer. Clary, who was brought to tears during the televised talk with host Gayle King, suggested that both her parents and Savage’s were motivated by money.

“I’m crying because you guys don’t know the truth,” she said. “You guys are believing some f---ing facade that our parents are saying. This is all f---ing lies for money, and if you can’t see that, you’re ignorant and you’re stupid.”

But speaking on Instagram Live on Wednesday, she stated that it was Kelly who has been lying and claimed that he made her lie for him, as well.

“He been lying to all y’all asses. And he have people like me lying for him,” she said. “That’s why we never watched the documentary. That’s exactly why. And we got on Gayle King, as stupid as can f---ing be.”

Clary’s mother told PEOPLE this week that her daughter was previously trying to be a supportive partner.

“People don’t understand she’s hurt,” Alice Clary told the outlet. “This man lied to her for years, and she was doing what she thought a good girlfriend would do because that’s what she thought she was.”

She went on to accuse Kelly of stunting her daughter’s emotional growth, stating, “Everybody has something to say, she was 17 when she left. Now she’s 22, but guess what? She’s had problems for the last few years. She may have done things as far as being grown physically as a young woman, but mentally no. She still has the mental capacity of a 17-year-old because he kept her stagnated for years and didn’t let her be with her family.”

“She didn’t do the same things that other young girls do so she didn’t learn any lessons. All she learned was s--t that was with him. This whole ordeal is twisted and unfortunately people and the media and everybody, they don’t look at it that way,” she continued. “Everybody wants to bash and throw her under the bus and this and that, and they just really don’t understand that this still is a young lady that has a life to live and this s--t is crazy."

Following Wednesday’s altercation, Savage said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE that it was Clary’s decision to “cause a scene.”

“This girl has been trying to sabotage me ever since the start of it all. It’s just gotten worse since we’ve moved in together at the Trump Tower,” she said. “She’s so immature, she knew I was packing my stuff to leave so she decides to go on Instagram Live to cause a scene.”

Clary’s father, Angelo Clary, opted not to comment to the outlet on the fight between his daughter and Savage, but in an Instagram Live video, he expressed sympathy for both women, who he said have been through a “traumatizing situation,” and placed the blame squarely on Kelly, PEOPLE reports.

“I just want people to understand that this is not a game. He really did this. This was something he did, not nobody else,” he said. “Everybody keeps blaming the world, ain’t no blaming the world, he got to blame himself. Everybody can point the finger, but nobody can tell you what he did wrong. That makes no sense, he gotta f---ing have some fault for something.”

Kelly is currently in federal custody in Chicago awaiting trial in the coming months; the 53-year-old singer is facing numerous charges, including racketeering and child pornography, in multiple states. He has long maintained his innocence.

In response to the comments of Clary’s parents, Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, told PEOPLE, “I think people can judge these parents, their history of self-promotion and their comments, on their own, considering the source. These folks are all about their own fame. They are not worth our time.”