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Crime News

Anti-Feminist Lawyer Who Killed Judge’s Son Reportedly Had Hit List Naming Numerous Targets

Roy Den Hollander's apparent list of enemies included other judges who'd presided over his cases.

By Dorian Geiger
Anti-Feminist Lawyer Who Attacked Judge Allegedly Had Hit List

The "men's rights" lawyer accused of fatally shooting a federal judge’s son in a targeted attack allegedly composed a hit list that contained the names of other enemies.

Roy Den Hollander, 72, who died by suicide in upstate New York after he disguised himself as a FedEx deliveryman and shot Judge Esther Salas’ son in their North Brunswick house on July 19 may have been planning to kill at least half a dozen others, according to WNBC.

The suspected hit list — which was found in Den Hollander’s car — also contained the names of at least three other judges, including Chief Judge of New York Janet DiFore, and another federal judge in New Jersey, the New York Times reported

DiFore, like Salas, had also presided over one of Den Hollander's cases. 

Investigators had also found an image of DiFiore, with her name and address, in the same vehicle Den Hollander’s body was recovered, the Post also reported

“They also saw a picture of our Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, her name and her address, so I have directed the state police to provide security for our chief judge,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during an exchange with reporters.

The list of suspected assassination targets also included a doctor, according to WNBC.

Den Hollander killed Salas’ son Daniel Anderl when the 20-year-old answered the door to his family's New Jersey home earlier this month. Salas, who was in the basement of her home at the time of the shooting, wasn’t injured. Her husband, Mark Anderl, was also shot but survived.

The gunman’s body was later discovered by investigators in a vehicle in upstate New York. He died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Den Hollander, who was a self proclaimed "anti-feminist," has also been linked to the killing of a rival California men’s rights activist and attorney, Marc Angelucci. 

Angelucci was shot to death on his doorstep a week before Den Hollander’s apparent suicide. Authorities suspect he also posed as a delivery driver in Angelucci’s shooting. The grudge between the two men had festered for years, CNN reported.

Prior to his death, Den Hollander littered social media with toxic misogynistic rants detailing his loathing for women. He referred to feminists as “feminazis,” and speaking of his mother, Den Hollander once typed, “May she burn in hell,” according to the New York Post

The lawyer for Den Hollander's ex-wife described him as a “controlling, misogynistic, sexist, delusional and disturbed individual.”

“He really had a terrible hatred for all women — particularly women in power like judges — and he was hellbent on trying to exact revenge on anybody that he thought crossed him,” attorney Nicholas J. Mundy previously told the Post. “He would threaten and say disparaging things about the judges in legal papers and in letters to the court. He didn’t shy away from being unprofessional and speaking his mind in that manner.”

Den Hollander was diagnosed with cancer before his apparent rampage and suicide, and frequently spoke about death online. He wrote about evening “the score” with those who crossed him using “cowboy justice,” according the New York Post.

“Death’s hand is on my left shoulder,” he wrote online. “[N]othing in this life matters anymore. The only problem with a life lived too long under Feminazi rule is that a man ends up with so many enemies he can’t even the score with all of them.”

The unnamed doctor on Den Hollander's alleged hit list could have somehow been connected to Den Hollander’s cancer diagnosis, the Post also reported.