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Finished With December's Book Club Pick? It's Time To Discuss!

Faith Jones' memoir "Sex Cult Nun" tells a story that's intimate, inspiring and at times disturbing.

By Oxygen Staff

Have you read "Sex Cult Nun" by Faith Jones? The memoir, which focuses on Jones' years in a notorious cult and her journey out of it to get an education, was the latest entry in Oxygen Book Club, which highlights books in the true crime sphere each month and features exclusive interviews, guided discussions, and more. 

Once you've finished reading the book yourself, consider examining these discussion questions with your friends:

1. Did you know about the Children of God or the “Family” before reading the book? If yes, what was your impression or recollection of the cult? Have you heard about former members or cases related to the group?

2. What was the part of life inside Children Of God that surprised you the most?

3. Faith finds comfort and exhilaration in books she’s able to get a hold of. Do you remember childhood books that had an immense impact on you? What were they and why?

4. Have you read Faith’s other book “I Own Me?” Describe the framework to another reader who is not familiar. 

5. Do you think you would have been able to leave the cult and pursue a path to education in America similar to Faith?

6. From weekends to libraries as well as relationships, Faith deals with a lot of new dynamics when she starts to have exposure to life outside of the Family. What do you think would be some of the hardest parts of acclimating to the outside world for you after leaving, referred to as the “system” in the book?

7. Faith’s grandfather David Berg was the leader of the apocalyptic cult. What are red flags or manipulation tactics you can spot to identify a cult-like group?

8. What part of Jones' journey did you find the most inspiring?

9. What do you think was the most pivotal part of Jones' journey to leaving the cult? Why?

10. What can be done to help victims of cults?

And if you have more thoughts let us know! Use the hashtag #oxygenbookclub to keep the discussion going on social media.