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Woman Charged In Meth-Fueled Dismemberment Of Green Bay Man Seeks Second Competency Exam

Taylor Schabusiness' legal team has requested a second independent competency evaluation following the drug-related mutilation killing of 24-year-old Shad Thyrion, after a state report found her fit to proceed to trial.

By Dorian Geiger
Taylor Denise Schabusiness Pd

A Wisconsin woman who allegedly dismembered a 24-year-old man and left his head in a bucket during a meth binge is fit to stand trial, prosecutors said.

Taylor Schabusiness, 24, was declared mentally competent to face trial proceedings following a state evaluation, according to court records filed this week, which Oxygen.com obtained.

“That report has some specific findings, indicating that, according to this evaluator, Ms. Schabusiness is competent to proceed,” Judge Tom Walsh said in court on Thursday, ABC affiliate WBAY-TV reported.

The state report’s determination appeared to stun Schabusiness’ defense attorney, Quinn T. Jolly, who appeared in court alongside his client this week. Jolly flatly rejected the state’s findings and requested an independent evaluation be conducted.

“Her ability to understand the process and assist in her defense is still an issue in this case,” Shane Brabazon, whose firm is representing Schabusiness, told Oxygen.com on Thursday. “We take our client's mental health seriously and are prepared to zealously advocate for our client.”

Schabusiness’ attorney noted his client had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Brown County prosecutor’s didn’t object to the defense’s request for an independent competency evaluation, though District Attorney Dave Lasee noted the doctor who examined Schabusiness is “highly respected.”

“I’m not sure that the county or state should pay for a second evaluation,” Lasee told the court. “I know there are other alternatives. The defense is entitled to have an expert evaluate their client at any time under the statute, so I won’t take a strong position one way or the other.” 

An official ruling regarding the Schabusiness’ competency hasn’t yet been made. A second competency hearing in the case is now set for May 10.

Schabusiness’ legal team had filed for the initial competency evaluation in March.

Schabusiness was arrested on Feb. 23, covered in blood, after police found the decapitated head of Shad Thyrion in a bucket in the basement of his mother’s Green Bay home. 

The 25-year-old’s head was “severed from the neck,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by Oxygen.com. Police said Schabusiness, who allegedly strangled Thyrion to death using a metal chain, later sexually assaulted his dead body and sliced him into pieces using, among other implements, a bread knife. Body fluid, two knives and a “male organ” were also found inside the bucket containing the Wisconsin man’s head. Additional body parts were sealed in plastic bags throughout the home’s basement, charging documents stated.

Schabusiness allegedly confessed she’d been using methamphetamine and “blacked out” when she choked Thyrion to death with the metal chain while the pair were having sexual intercourse.

“The strangulation was part of the sex act,” the complaint alleged.

The Wisconsin woman allegedly claimed she strangled Thyrion to death as he laid face down on a bed.

“Schabusiness stated she just went ‘crazy,’” charging documents added. “At one point during the interview, Schabusiness allegedly stated she could feel the victim’s heart beating still as she was choking him, so she kept pulling and choking him harder, but the victim would not die.”

Thyrion’s mother found her son’s body parts scattered across her home’s basement the following day. Schabusiness was subsequently charged with first-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, sexual assault and a pair of probation violations.

Officials didn’t elaborate on the nature of the relationship between Schabusiness and the victim. During her police interview, however, Schabusiness claimed that she and Thyrion had a sexual relationship, police said. During her police interview, the 24-year-old also allegedly claimed the pair had experimented with consensual sexual asphyxia in the past.

Schabusiness is being held on a $2 million bond at a Brown County detention facility, according to online jail records obtained by Oxygen.com

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