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What Happened To Candy Montgomery In The Aftermath of The Betty Gore Murder Trial

Candy Montgomery's life continues to be a source of fascination, even after the Texas housewife was found not guilty in Betty Gore's murder.

By Cydney Contreras

The details of Candy Montgomery's love affair with neighbor and friend Allan Gore were salacious enough, but the self-defense killing of his wife, Betty Gore, turned mere neighborhood gossip into tabloid fodder.

Since then, numerous true-crime shows have revisited the 30-year-old teacher's shocking axe murder, with Gore's own brothers speaking to Oxygen's "Snapped" about their reactions. Put simply, the brothers will never understand how the jury returned a not guilty verdict. 

"We couldn't imagine that anybody would have believed, when she was hit that many times, that it was self-defense," Ronald Pomeroy told producers. 

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More than that, the Montgomerys and Gores knew each other, having attended the same church. Their children were even friends, with the Gore's daughter, Alisa, staying at the Montgomery's home on the eve of the murder, Texas Monthly reported. But a love affair between Allan Gore and Candy Montgomery would lead to a bloody confrontation.

And while there's no shortage of information on the events that lead up to the brutal killing, people are still curious about what happened in the aftermath of the controversial and highly publicized trial. 

Here's what we know...

What Happened To Betty Gore? 

The situation came to a head on Friday, June 13, 1980, when Allan Gore had traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota for work. He repeatedly called his wife at home but she never answered, at which point he asked his neighbors to check on Betty and Bethany. When the men went into the home, they discovered Betty's remains in the laundry room, which was covered in blood. She had been struck by a 3-foot ax more than 41 times, as previously reported by Oxygen.com

Montgomery was spotted leaving the crime scene by a 5-year-old neighbor, according to "Snapped." When police questioned her about this, she stated that she had gone to the home to pick up Betty's daughter Alisa Gore's bathing suit since she was spending the night at the Montgomery house.

Then, when she testified in court, Montgomery admitted to killing Betty after she was confronted about her affair with Allan. She said that Betty came at her with an ax and a fight ensued, but she managed to take the ax and killed Betty in self-defense, UPI reported. 

Though prosecutors argued that the 41 ax wounds suggested this was murder, a psychologist testified that Montgomery was sent into a rage after Betty shushed her, triggering a psychotic rage, Texas Monthly wrote.

Did Candy Montgomery Go To Jail? 

The jury, comprised of nine women and three men, ultimately voted to acquit Candy of murder by reason of self-defense. She and husband Pat Montgomery walked out of the courthouse to boos and jeers that day, according to UPI.  

In the wake of the verdict, Betty's father Bob Pomeroy spoke to the press about his disappointment.

"As far as I'm concerned, justice will be served. She has to live with it," he said, according to UPI. "I wouldn't say I was happy with the verdict. We don't know what happened and we never will know what happened." 

Is Candy Montgomery Still Married? 

While Pat stayed by Candy's side throughout the trial, it's reported by multiple outlets that they split shortly after moving away from Texas in the '80s. It's unclear if Candy ever remarried, and Pat's whereabouts are unknown.

Where Is Candy Montgomery Now? 

Shortly after the trial, Candy and Pat Montgomery moved to Georgia, where she began working as a certified family counselor, according to the Dallas Morning News. In 2000, the newspaper attempted to interview Candy, who reportedly told them, "I'm telling you in big bold letters I'm not interested." 

Her current whereabouts remain unknown. 

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