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Alleged Stalker Told Victim She'd 'Make Sushi' Out Of Him, Sent More Than 150K Texts After One Date, Cops Say

On one occasion, Jacqueline Ades of Phoenix, Arizona allegedly broke into her victim's home and was taking a bath when police found her. They also found a large butcher knife in her car.

By Eric Shorey
Jacqueline Ades

An Arizona woman allegedly sent more than 150,000 texts to a man she is now accused of stalking, with some of the messages allegedly containing overt threats of violence. The suspect and her victim had only met in person once.

Licensed esthetician Jacqueline Ades of Phoenix, Arizona told her victim she intended to "make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones" amongst other intimidating messages sent over the course of nearly 10 months following a single date after they met on the Luxy app. According to police documents, she had sent her alleged stalking victim, who has not been identified, upward of 159,000 texts.

"I'd wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet," reads one communication, referring to the connective tissue that encloses muscles and organs, according to Arizona Republic.

Police reports say that the victim, who is the CEO of a company that sells skincare and spa products, had communicated that he did not wish to see or speak with Ades following their only in-person meeting. The victim called police when he noticed Ades parked on his property, leading to her removal by officers in July 2017.

The threats began pouring in after Ades was escorted off the victim's property. Ades allegedly returned to the victim's home in December 2017, but police did not find her when they arrived at the scene.

The victim called police again when security footage allegedly showed that Ades had broken into his home while he was out of the country in April 2018. Officers found Ades taking a bath in his home, then arrested her. Ades' two small dogs were with her at the time. 

"Why is this happening to me?" Ades asked police during her apprehension. Ades then offered a perplexing explanation for the scene.

"I guess that I made up a whole scenario in my head where I live here, so I came here and pretended that's what was happening," she told officers amidst a confused speech in which she attempted to explain various scientific and mathematical equations.

A large butcher knife was discovered in her car. Police did not ask for an explanation for the blade's presence, as she could not answer other questions coherently.

Ades was arrested and charged at the time with first-degree criminal trespassing of a residential structure. She was released, but subsequently failed to appear in court on multiple occasions, court records show, leading to her arrest on May 8. Body cam footage from police show Ades discussing a plethora of conspiracy theories amidst proclamations of her love for the victim.

"No, I don't think anything I say is normal. I understand now," Ades later told officers.

Ades is being held without bond at the Maricopa County jail. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespassing.

Early reports from AZ Central had indicated the number of messages Ades had sent hovered around 65,000. Later investigation revealed the actual amount to be around twice as large.

"I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine. ... I love him" Ades said in May 2018, according to KPHO-TV.

Ades' trial will begin on Feb. 5.

[Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office]