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Crime News Snapped

The Most Popular Snapped Episodes on Peacock May Surprise You

Before Snapped celebrates its 20-year anniversary, find out whether you've seen the most popular episodes of Snapped streaming on Peacock.

By Jill Sederstrom

For 20 years, Snapped has brought true crime fans chilling, cold-blooded tales of murder and mayhem and the stories behind the women who carry out the heinous acts. 

How to Watch

Watch Snapped on Oxygen Sundays 6/5c and next day on Peacock. Catch up on the Oxygen App.

"From socialites to secretaries, from moms to mistresses and everything in between, Snapped has given true crime fans what they crave — tales of ordinary and extraordinary women, of all ages and from all backgrounds who were driven to murder. With reasons as varied as insurance payoffs, extramarital affairs or ending years of abuse, the women share one thing: they all snapped," reads a press release announcing the show’s upcoming 33rd Season

Since the true crime fan favorite first premiered in October 2004, the brutal — and sometimes inventive — ways women kill has been the focus of more than 500 episodes. 

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On Sunday, May 12, Oxygen True Crime will celebrate the show's 20-year anniversary with a special two-hour episode, airing at 6/5c on Oxygen True Crime.

Before the anniversary special episode airs, let’s take a moment to honor all the gripping seasons that have come before it and the stories that seem to resonate most with true crime aficionados everywhere.  Although not every season is available on the streaming service Peacock, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most watched episodes of Snapped on Peacock to highlight some of the biggest fan favorites.

Read on to find out how many of these popular episodes you’ve seen — or whether you have some television streaming to do on Peacock before the new batch of Season 33 episodes air:

20. Sandra Barajas (Season 21, Episode 3)

When dedicated Colorado family man Mike Barajas is killed in what looks like a violent home invasion, investigators quickly hone in on his troubled stepdaughter. But a jailhouse confession from a surprising source could point to another shocking accomplice. 

19. Letti Strait (Season 28, Episode 5)

Letti Strait Spd 2805

Charlie Cammisano’s family had alleged ties to the Kansas City mafia. When the devoted father was found shot to death in what looked like an “organized crime hit,” authorities looked into whether his death could be linked to the crime underworld, but instead, they uncovered a killer with a much more personal motive.

18. Rebecca Barker (Season 31, Episode 8)

Rebecca Barker featured in Snapped

Local general store owner Rebecca Barker confessed to killing her husband, Jerry Barker, in a moment of “sudden passion” after years of alleged abuse. But detectives were surprised to discover her first husband was shot under eerily similar circumstances.

17. Tucker Moore-Reed (Season 30, Episode 3)

Tucker Moore Reed Spd 2003

When Shane Moore died in the midst of a heated family dispute on an Oregon ranch, authorities were shocked to find eerie similarities between his niece and actress Tucker Moore-Reed’s fictional movie role and the real-life crime. Did Moore-Reed shoot her uncle in self-defense, as she claimed, or was it a calculated killing with Hollywood inspirations?

16. Martha Ann McClancy (Season 21, Episode 2)

Bob McClancy was found dead in his recliner with a bottle of pills in one hand and a gun in the other, leaving authorities to believe it had been nothing more than a tragic suicide. But when Bob’s wife, Martha Ann, soon began to date his close pal, investigators uncovered a series of shocking lies, brazen fraud, and a deadly secret.

15. Willa Blanc (Season 31, Episode 7)

Willa Blanc featured in Snapped

Brilliant nuclear scientist Walter K. Sartory struggled with paranoia and lived a life in isolation. When he was reported missing by an online acquaintance, investigators soon realized his worst fears may have come true as they took a close look at those who had access to him.

14. Mary Ann Hughes (Season 30, Episode 2)

Mary Ann Hughes Spdd 3002

Tennessee farmer Larry Hughes was found dead on a country road in 1990. But it would take more than 25 years — and advances in technology — before Larry’s killer would be uncovered

13. Wanda Haithcock (Season 28, Episode 4)

Wanda Haithcock Spd 2804

Handsome South Carolina playboy Kenneth Wayne Coates was known for his luck with the ladies — until it ran out. Coates was found dead in an abandoned property and suspicion soon began to swirl around his ex-girlfriend, Wanda Haithcock, as investigators learned the former couple had been fighting about splitting their assets.

12.  Angel Sawyer (Season 31, Episode 6)

Angel Sawyer and Issac Melcher featured in Snapped

Antique dealer Milton Sawyer’s brutal murder initially looked like a robbery gone wrong. His wife, Angel, claimed a masked intruder stormed into the house, demanded moneym and left her pistol whipped on the floor after killing her husband, but investigators began to question her story after uncovering a possible secret boyfriend.

11. Eve Nance (Season 21, Episode 1)

When Wisconsin father Tim Nance suddenly disappeared, questions began to emerge about his troubled marriage and possible domestic abuse. Did Tim’s wife Eve kill him in cold-blood or was she a victim of domestic abuse? 

10. Celestine Payne (Season 28, Episode 3)

Celestine Payne Spd 2803

The discovery of 18-year-old Tara Carter’s body in a New Jersey park would lead investigators to uncover a sinister years-long life insurance fraud scheme affecting multiple victims. At the center of the scheme was Celestine Payne, a landlord, whose brazen crimes even included the earlier death of her husband. 

9. Angel Brown (Season 30, Episode 1)

Angel Brown Spd 3001

When Daniel R. Posey’s life was cut tragically short after his vehicle collided with a runaway horse, his wife, former stripper Angel Brown, was determined to keep his ex-wife, Lisa Luke, from collecting anything from the estate. Brown turned to an old friend to carry out Luke’s murder for hire, but would investigators be able to intervene in time to save the unsuspecting mother?

8. Susan Gigliotti (Season 31, Episode 5)

Susan Gigliotti and Richard Debow featured in Snapped

Joe Gigliotti had offered to take a look at his ex-wife Susan Gigliotti’s car when he was gunned down in the driveway of a rural New Jersey home. At the time of Joe’s death, both exes had moved on to new love interests, but one of those new connections just may have had a reason to kill. 

7. Barbara Cameron (Season 28, Episode 2)

Barbara Cameron Spd 2802

Barbara Cameron claimed she and her longtime love Clyde Daniels II were on the verge of finally getting married when she heard the Mississippi father of four get shot to death outside their trailer, while she was in the shower. But investigators would soon discover there was much more to the story.

6.  Laurie Bembenek (Season 28, Episode 11)

A photo of Laurie Bembenek seeking refuge in Canada

Blonde bombshell Laurie Bembenek, known in the press as “Bambi,” was convicted of brutally murdering the first wife of her husband Detective Elfred “Fred” Schultz, but the story didn't end there. While behind bars, Bembenek brazenly escaped from prison and continued to insist that she was an innocent woman until her death in 2010.

5. Notorious: Drew Peterson (Season 21, Episode 4)

Drew Peterson G

When Drew Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, mysteriously disappeared in 2007, investigators began to take a closer look at the Bollingbrook, Illinois police officer’s past. They made the chilling discovery that Drew’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, died years earlier under suspicious circumstances in a shocking case that captivated the nation.

4.Karina Rafter (Season 28, Episode 1)

Karina Rafter Spd 2801

 Devoted father John Rafter Jr. was discovered in bed by his son with a fatal gunshot wound to the face. After discovering the shotgun laying next to the body, investigators initially suspected a possible suicide, until they pieced together the evidence left behind at the scene and found the killer had a close and complicated tie to the victim.

3. Joann Peterson (Season 31, Episode 3)

Joann Peterson featured in Snapped

 When 40-year-old Peter Zeihen was shot to death in the head in what looked like a  “mob-style execution,” he was wearing a bulletproof vest, suggesting the Washington father had feared for his life. Investigators soon learned it wasn’t the only attempt on his life. After nearly a decade without an arrest, a family would break their silence to reveal a surprisingly cold-blooded killer. 

2. Catherina Voss (Season 31, Episode 2)

Photos of Catherina Voss, Michael Draven and Davids Runyon featured on Snapped

When U.S. Navy officer Cory Allen Voss was found dead in his truck, riddled with bullets, investigators took a close look at the father of two’s family life and uncovered some disturbing secrets. Voss’ death had been no random crime and was instead the result of a dark plot to take his life.

1. Shirley Nelson (Season 31, Episode 1)

Shirley Nelson featured in Snapped

 The most watched episode of Snapped on Peacock is the chilling tale of Shirley Nelson, who opened fire in the offices of popular Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz after discovering her husband Ron Nelson’s affair with a younger woman. When officers arrived, they found Shirley and Ron both bleeding from gunshot wounds, but would either survive?