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Actress Who Played Killer In Horror Film Shot Uncle Under Similar Circumstances

Tucker Moore-Reed claimed she shot her uncle in self-defense. Cell phone footage of the killing seemed to suggest otherwise.

By Benjamin H. Smith

The 2020 independent horror film “From The Dark” features actress Tucker Moore-Reed as a woman who murders a man under the guise of self-defense. The role maybe came naturally to her, as she killed her uncle Shane Moore under similar circumstances.   

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Shane Moore was born in New Jersey in 1953, one of five children. When Shane went to law school in California, his younger sister Kelly followed. Kelly became an attorney while Shane opened a bookstore. 

In 1989, Kelly and her husband wrote a true crime book titled “Deadly Medicine” about serial killer Genene Jones. It was a bestseller and was turned into an NBC made-for-TV movie. A month after the book’s publication, Kelly gave birth to Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, the eldest of three children. Kelly quit her job to stay home with the kids, according to "Snapped," airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen.

In 2000, the Moore parents retired to a 150-acre ranch in southern Oregon, where Kelly and Shane reunited. Now divorced, Kelly lived nearby in a house her parents bought. Shane also moved up to care for his mom and dad.

Tucker Moore Reed Spd 2003

Kelly's daughter Tucker, meanwhile, attended the University of Southern California where she majored in drama. She alleged that in 2010 she was raped by her boyfriend, a fellow student, according to the Los Angeles Times

Tucker notified USC about what happened in December 2012 but no disciplinary actions were taken against her former boyfriend, nor were any criminal charges ever brought against him. She wrote about the alleged incident for Cosmopolitan and on her personal blog, where she named her ex-boyfriend and posted his picture. 

“Ultimately, a libel suit was filed against her. I think she had to take down the original blog post and she wasn’t allowed to mention him by name anywhere. They settled it out of court and then she moved back to the area,” friend Mig Windows told “Snapped.”

Following his father’s death, Shane began caring for his 87-year-old mother, Lore. But he and Kelly weren't getting along and often fought over the management of the Moores' property. Tensions also existed between Kelly's daughter and Shane. In September 2015, Shane and Tucker got into an altercation. Shane was arrested on suspicion of assault and Tucker obtained a restraining order against him, according to The Oregonian newspaper.

It all came to a head on the afternoon of July 26, 2016 when Jackson County 911 received a call saying Shane Moore had been shot at his mother’s home. When first responders arrived, they found him dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest. 

Police spoke with Carla Tryber, a public notary who had placed the 911 call.

“She had received a call from Shane Moore to come up to the residence and get a quick claim deed signed, splitting the property 50/50 between he and Kelly,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Gabe Burchfiel told “Snapped.”

When Tryber arrived, she found Lore and Kelly Moore and Tucker Moore-Reed. "[Kelly] comes back to the table and she grabs the paper that was to my left with my stuff and she goes, ‘That’s a grant deed. I was told it was a will. She’s not signing it!’ So, she rips it up,” Tryber told police in her taped interview, obtained by “Snapped.”

Shane, meanwhile, watched the proceedings from outside. After Kelly ripped up the deed, he walked to the front door but Kelly and Tucker prevented him from entering the home. In the middle of the melee, Tryber heard a gun go off. 

Investigators next interviewed 59-year-old Kelly Moore. In her videotaped statement, which was obtained by “Snapped,” she accused Shane of growing marijuana and possibly even manufacturing methamphetamine on their mother’s property. 

Kelly claimed she and Tucker were staying with her mother because Lore was afraid of Shane. Kelly also said Shane threatened to kill her and her daughter if Tucker didn’t drop the assault charges against him. 

Kelly asked that her mother’s will be amended to include language that disinherited Shane should any harm befall her or her daughter. Instead, she claims, Shane had a deed transfer prepared. 

“I said, ‘Oh no, my mother is not signing this. This is her property. She’s not signing this,’ and I ripped it into four pieces,” Kelly is heard telling police in the audio.

Kelly alleged Shane had violently tried to force his way into the home. “God only knows what else he was going to do,” she tells police. 

Police next interviewed Tucker Moore-Reed. 

“I found a gun that I believed belonged to my grandfather. I wanted to know if it was loaded. I took it outside onto the porch and I fired it. That was this morning,” Tucker told police in her videotaped interview, obtained by “Snapped.”

Tucker said she gave the gun to her mother in case there was trouble with her uncle. She claimed that when Shane saw Kelly rip up the deed documents, he became violent. 

“Everybody was screaming from what I can remember and Shane started opening the door entering the house,” Tucker told police. That’s when she grabbed the gun. 

“I don’t even remember what happened,” Tucker says tearfully in the interview. “I thought you had to cock a gun for it to go off and … ”

“Did the gun go off?” an officer asks. 

“Yes,” she answers. 

Tucker Moore-Reed was arrested and charged with manslaughter, according to Medford, Oregon CBS-affiliate KVTL. She made bail the following morning. 

In examining the murder weapon, police discovered only one round had been fired. According to her statement, Tucker shot it that morning, meaning it had been reloaded, which indicates intent. 

Investigators also learned that at 1:40 p.m. on the day of the murder, Shane Moore had called police to report gunfire at the Moore homestead.

“I’m expecting a notary public to be here at 2 o’ clock to 2:30 and I don’t want any trouble,” Shane tells police on the recorded call, which was obtained by “Snapped.” 

 Detectives also spoke with Shane’s roommate, Stacie MacKenzie. “Shane actually told me the day that he died … 'One of them are going to kill me,'" MacKenzie told “Snapped.” 

MacKenzie explained that Shane and Kelly often fought over what would become of their mother’s property and their inheritance. 

“[Kelly] made multiple statements over the years that Shane wasn’t going to get anything,” MacKenzie said.

Rather than fight with his sister after Lore’s death, Shane asked his mother to sign over part of the property to him while she was still alive. “His mom was in total compliance with that,” MacKenzie insisted.

Shane Moore Spd 3003

On the afternoon of the killing, MacKenzie heard screams coming from the main house after Shane left for the signing. She ran over and found him bleeding on the ground while Tucker stood over him with a gun. 

“[Tucker] was yelling at him to die. The next thing I heard was Kelly screaming out the door, ‘What do you mean he’s not dead yet?’" MacKenzie claimed.

Investigators next spoke to Shane and Kelly’s siblings. “From my perspective, my sister has bled my parents dry,” brother Ryan Moore tells police in his taped interview, which was obtained by “Snapped.”

Ryan said Shane worked hard to care for his parents and maintain their property. When asked if Shane was ever violent, Ryan stated, “I have never witnessed him being aggressive or violent.”

According to Burchfiel, Ryan said Kelly once “went after [him] with a fireplace poker” after he accused her of “mooching off of her parents.” At another point, Ryan said his niece Tucker went into “crazy rages.” 

Knowing that authorities were trying to build a murder case against Tucker, her defense attorney gave police cell phone footage she filmed on the day of the killing that he believed exonerated her. 

“We watch it and it’s not proving their case, it’s proving our case,” Burchfiel told "Snapped." “She’s narrating, she’s saying, ‘See this man Shane, he’s aggressive and dangerous.' He’s just standing there doing nothing ... He’s not doing anything aggressive.” 

As Kelly protests to Tryber that her mother won’t sign a grant deed, Tucker yells, “He’s coming into the house. Goddammit!”

“What’s the problem, Kelly?” Shane can be heard calmly asking from the doorway.

“Pick up the gun!” Tucker yells out. “You son of a bitch!”

As Kelly and Tucker run to the front door, Tucker screams, “Get out of here!” before firing the gun. The entire encounter lasts under 10 seconds.

In September 2018, the charges against Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed were upgraded to murder, according to Oregon’s Mail Tribune newspaper. She was arrested and held without bail. 

Local filmmaker Matthew Spickard soon contacted authorities. He said that after her 2016 arrest, Tucker starred in his film “From The Dark” under the name Wyn Reed as a woman who uses self defense as an excuse to commit murder.

“When she shoots this character, she absolutely believes she’s doing it out of self defense,” Spickard told “Snapped.” “But when you see the movie, you’ll see that, oh, that is technically murder.” 

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the second degree in May 2020. She was sentenced to 75 months in prison with credit for time served, according to Medford, Oregon NBC-affiliate KOBI

Now 31, Tucker Moore-Reed is currently incarcerated in the minimum-security wing at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. Her earliest release date is Nov. 25, 2024.   

For more on this case and others like it, watch "Snapped," airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen, or stream episodes here.

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