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Crime News

Casey Anthony Considering Motherhood Again, Anonymous Source Says

An unnamed friend told People Magazine that Anthony, who was infamously accused and then acquitted over the murder of her toddler daughter Caylee Anthony in 2011, is "now open to it in a way she hasn’t been before."

By Noah Hurowitz

Casey Anthony, the Florida woman whose acquittal for the murder of her toddler daughter sparked outrage nationwide, says she ready to give motherhood another shot, according to a recent interview.

A “source close to Anthony” told People Magazine on Tuesday that the accused-and-acquitted murderer—once dubbed “the most hated woman in America” by a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Corrections—may be ready to get back in touch with her maternal side.

“For a long time she was like ‘no way,'” the unnamed source told People. “But time has changed that and she’s now open to it in a way she hasn’t been before.”

Anthony rocketed to infamy following the disappearance of her daughter, two-year-old Caylee Anthony, who vanished from her home  in Orlando, Florida, on June 16, 2008.

Little Caylee was not reported missing until nearly a month later, when her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, told authorities that she had not seen the toddler in a 31 days, and that Casey’s car smelled like it had had a dead body in it.

Caylee’s body was not found until nearly six months later, when investigators turned up her skeletal remains in a wooded area near the family’s home.

Anthony was initially arrested for child neglect, but as the case gained rabid attention nationwide, suspicion for her daughter disappearance and death quickly centered on the mother.

The six-week trial, when it began in May of 2011, became one of the most-watched real-life courtroom dramas in recent history, with an estimated 40 million people tuning in to watch, according to People. The prosecution sought the death penalty, with the gory details focused on the allegation that Anthony had killed her daughter by knocking her out with chloroform and smothering her with duct tape before disposing of her body.

It became a circus, with numerous shocking events taking place both inside and outside the courtroom. There was a fight outside the courthouse. It came out that Casey Anthony had gotten a tattoo reading “Bella Vita,” or Italian for “Good Life,” in the weeks between little Caylee’s disappearance and the missing-child report.

But most shocking of all was the verdict: Casey Anthony, who had become widely reviled and viewed by many as representative of everything wrong with neglectful parents, was found innocent.

Since then, Anthony has tried to keep a low profile, but has occasionally drawn scrutiny for stunts such as wearing a necklace with a pendant containing her daughter’s ashes, according to People.

But for years, Anthony also told anyone who would listen that her parenting days were behind her.

During a 2017 interview with the Associated Press in which she said she worried that her sordid, intensely public past could be fodder for people messing with any future child she might have.

“If I am blessed enough to have another child—if I’d be dumb enough to bring another kid into this world knowing that there’d be a potential that some little snot-nosed kid would then say something mean to my kid—I don’t think I could live with that,” she told AP.

She also told the outlet that she doesn’t “give a sh--” about what people think of her.

“I’m ok with myself, I sleep pretty good at night,” she added.

More than a year after that conversation, the 32-year-old friend told People that Anthony, who does not speak with her own family, continues to maintain the same defiant streak despite allegedly changing her view on motherhood.

“She’s very good at living her life and to hell with what other people think,” the source said, according to People. “If she wants to have another kid, she’ll have another kid. She doesn’t care what you or I or anyone else thinks.”

[Photo Credit: Associated Press]

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