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Chris Watts Would Like To Tell Former Mistress Nichol Kessinger He's Sorry

“I just hope there’s normalcy for her since she’s on the outside,” Chris Watts said to investigators, in regard to his former lover.

By Ethan Harfenist

Although he keeps a photo of his dead wife and children in his prison cell, convicted murderer Chris Watts said that he wishes he could apologize to his former colleague-turned-mistress Nichol Kessinger over the fallout from his heinous crimes.

Watts sat down with investigators from the Frederick Police Department, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI on Feb. 18 for a five-hour interview, which was released Thursday.

Among the topics he touched on was his former lover, who eventually came forward to authorities about their relationship after Watts’ pregnant wife, Shanann, and two daughters, Bella and Celeste, went missing in August and later found dead.

When asked by investigators if he wished he could talk to her, Watts replied, “Maybe once ... just to say, I’m sorry this all happened.”

“I’m not sure what you [Nichol] went through afterward, if you had like counseling, if you’re in a different state, if you had to leave everything behind,” Watts added.

Investigators then asked Watts if he wanted them to relay this apology to Kessinger, to which he replied that it would be fine if they did so.

Watts also noted that his attorney had tried to phone Kessinger at one point, but that she refused to answer the call. Still, Watts claimed he wishes her nothing but the best.

“I just hope there’s normalcy for her since she’s on the outside,” he said. “I’m hoping it could get that way at some point.”

Investigators then asked Watts if he loved Kessinger during their tryst, to which he replied, “It felt true.”

However, later in the interview, Watts admitted that he likely wouldn’t have found any issue with his and Shanann’s relationship despite their crumbling marriage.

“If I never met [Kessinger] would I have ever thought our relationship was bad? Probably not,” Watts said. “I never thought I would have strayed away from [Shanann].”

Watts also said that Kessinger knew he was married with children “as soon as [he] showed her the pictures” on his cellphone.

“She was trying to save face,” Watts said, in response to investigators asking him if he was aware that she has said she didn’t know he was married. “She’s trying to control everything that’s going on around her.”

Watts was sentenced to life in prison without parole last year for killing 34-year-old Shanann, who was pregnant at the time, and his two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

“I don’t think there is a logical explanation for what he did,” Kessinger told the Denver Post on Nov. 15 in the aftermath of Watts’ sentencing. “It’s a senseless act, and it’s horrific."