This Creepy Moment From Ted Bundy's Childhood Was The First Sign He Was A Serial Killer

In “Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy,” investigative journalist Kevin Sullivan recounted an eerie episode from Bundy’s childhood.

By looking at Ted Bundy, many people would never guess he was the serial killer responsible for the brutal assaults and murders of at least 30 young women and girls. Good-looking, charming and well-educated, many believed Bundy just didn’t seem “like the type to kill somebody,” as one woman said outside the courthouse during his trial. Even as a child, Bundy appeared completely normal — for the most part.

Born at a Burlington, Vermont, unwed mothers’ home in 1946, Bundy spent his early years with his mother, aunts and grandparents in Philadelphia. In an interview with Oxygen’s two-hour special “Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy,” investigative journalist Kevin Sullivan recounted an eerie moment from this time in Bundy’s childhood that foreshadowed his future as a serial killer.

Speaking to producers, Sullivan said: “It has been reported that one of the aunts woke up one morning, and Ted had taken kitchen knives and placed them pointing at her on the bed. That’s the first sign we have that something might be wrong with the child.”

After this disturbing episode, Bundy’s “major literary interest was in detective magazines, full of stories of violent crime and how to get away with it,” FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier told “Snapped Notorious.” He became immersed in this sadistic fantasy world and experienced “a lot of sexual relieving through the fictional stories,” said Dr. Al Carlisle, a psychologist who evaluated Bundy.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Bundy to act out his twisted fantasies in real life, resulting in a killing spree that haunts the families of his victims to this day.

To learn more about Bundy’s childhood, listen to exclusive audio from FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier's interviews with Bundy and watch survivors reunite for the first time in 40 years, tune in to “Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy” on Sunday, July 15 at 6/5c.

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