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How Chris Watts Spent His Final 'Epic' Weekend With His Daughters Before Their Murder

As his children were happily splashing in the water at a birthday party, Watts was already allegedly making plans to visit the site where their bodies would be found.

By Jill Sederstrom

The final day Chris Watts spent with his children began like a seemingly normal Sunday as Watts and his two daughters watched an episode of the cartoon television show "Bubble Guppies."

They'd also spend the afternoon at a 4-year-old boy's birthday party, complete with water balloons and a mini-pool, but instead of enjoying the time with his daughters, Watts was allegedly already setting the stage to visit the site where their bodies would eventually be found.

At 5:05 p.m. Sunday afternoon, Watts texted a coworker telling him he planned to "go straight out" to an oil well the next morning to check on a small leak that needed to be repaired, according to new documents released in the case.

It was the same site where the bodies of 4-year-old Bella, 3-year-old Celeste, and Watts' wife, Shanann, would be found days later, still wearing their pajamas.

But before the gruesome discovery and murders, which Watts pleaded guilty to earlier this month, Watts would spend an entire normal weekend with his two young daughters while his wife was away on business.

Watts would later tell investigators that he woke his girls up Sunday morning and they all watched television together before going to Target to pick out a gift for the birthday party that afternoon.

They came home and had leftover cold pizza for lunch before the girls took an early nap. They arrived at a family friend's birthday party around 1:15 p.m. that afternoon and stayed until approximately 5 p.m., according to a discovery report from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that was obtained by The Denver Post.

Watts said he didn't know there would be water balloons and a small pool at the party and had forgotten to bring the girls swimsuits, but let them splash and play in the water anyway. He'd later tell investigators they had an "epic time."

When the trio arrived home that night, he gave the girls a shower and helped them into their pajamas. For Celeste, it was a pink nightgown with a drawing of a bird. For her big sister, it was a multi-colored nightgown that either had the word "Believe" or a unicorn on the front, the document said.

They ate more cold pizza for dinner and FaceTimed with Shanann's parents while the girls munched on vanilla wafers and chips as they sat on "little couches."

Watts told investigators he helped them brush their teeth and tucked them into bed.

Shanann would later text her husband at 7:46 p.m. that night asking, "Hey honey, kids in bed," and asking for pictures.

Chris Watts texted back that Bella had just gotten back in bed after getting up. He'd later tell investigators that Bella got up from her bed twice that night asking when her mom would come home. He told authorities that he assured his daughter that her mom would be home the next morning.

According to the investigative documents released in the case, earlier that weekend Watts had hired a babysitter for his two girls. He told the babysitter and his wife that he was going to the Rockies game with some coworkers, but later admitted he had really been out with a woman who he had been having an affair with, his coworker Nicole Kessinger.

Shanann Watts had reportedly been suspicious of his activities that night, telling a friend she thought the $60 he reportedly had spent on salmon and a beer for dinner that night seemed expensive for just one person.

But she continued to text him throughout the day on Sunday, asking about the girls and texting, "love you."

Later Sunday night, the documents show she and Chris Watts had a nine-minute phone conversation. Afterward she'd text him and tell him, "Sorry, I bothered you. I just wanted to talk with you."

She'd later text him to tell him thank you for taking such great care of the kids that weekend.

Less than 12 hours later, both kids, Shanann Watts, and her unborn son Nico, would all be dead.

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