Happy Birthday Kelly! (GCLA, Ep. 5)

By Kelly GFC


Surprise, it’s my birthday! This year I had a really cute birthday, thanks to the thought and planning that went into it by Eva and Denyce! I wish the viewers could have seen exactly how much effort they put forth! They made gift bags for all the guests with custom goodies, Kelly Marie Dunn branded eyelashes, ruffle socks, champagne (with a champagne glass, of course!), and all my favorite candy. The cake was decorated in music notes, and the entire place was dripping in my favorite color: PINK! I am indeed a VERY particular person, and the girls know that I like everything a certain way, in an exact order, for a specific reason. I love that they took this into consideration when planning my party! That night was really just the cutest, and they made sure that it included both my friends AND clients! I knew that we were doing something for my birthday, but they led me to believe it was an intimate dinner – which I was still uber pumped about! When that curtain pulled back and I saw everyone’s smiling faces, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

I think it’s pretty special that I have a great relationship with all my clients. I do my best to take the entire scope of their lives into consideration when I counsel them. I think that makes me a thoughtful manager, and I’m proud of that! Of course artists are usually very anxious to share their creativity with the world. That’s what drives many of these very talented people. It’s my job to make sure that my clients make strategic and careful decisions about what business decisions make the right dollars and sense for them. Sometimes that means staying the course and NOT jumping at the first opportunity that comes along. Other times it means activating on an opportunity quickly – before it goes away. Each instance is different, and we must analyze each potential move with great thought in the approach.

Watching Denyce experience the pain of the tragic loss of her brother is very tough. It’s difficult to comfort someone in a comfort-less situation. I encourage Denyce to release the intense guilt she holds onto, and I’m careful not to exacerbate her sadness with flippant remarks like “he’s in a better place.” I know that the Lawton family feels that the best place for Junior is here on earth, but that just isn’t reality anymore. There is nothing positive to extract from a violent murder that left a man’s children fatherless. There is little a friend can say to ease the pain of a loss so senseless. 

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