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Birth moms face a lot of tough decisions when it comes to placing their babies for adoption, and last night's episode of Oxygen's I’m Having Their Baby highlighted one of them: figuring out the birth plan.

One of the birth moms featured, Jamie, already the mother of three, first raised the issue during one of her "diary cam" sessions, reading questions off of a list given to her by her adoption agency, such as, "How much time do you want to spend with the baby?" and "Do you want to adoptive parents to see the baby in the hospital?" Questions like those really made Jamie struggle with her choice, stating, "It just makes it so real."

The other birth mom, Sydney, also had a difficult time coming to terms with her birth plan, especially after her labor only lasted three hours (um, lucky!). After her daughter was born, Sydney commented on how -- since it all happened so fast -- she really didn't feel like she had times to come to terms with the birth, or the choice she was making. Compounded by the fact that part of Sydney's birth plan involved her pumping breast milk for her baby for months after the adoption was final (a request of the adoptive parents), Sydney's birth plan made her decision difficult as well...

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