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Crime News CrimeCon 2022

'What Crosses The Line Into Toxicity?' Faith Jenkins Talks Relationship Red Flags

Faith Jenkins, host of the Oxygen series "Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins," which is returning for Season 2, spoke about romance red flags and dove into some of the most jaw-dropping cases featured in the show.

By Becca van Sambeck

When it comes to romances gone wrong, Faith Jenkins, host of "Divorce Court" and the Oxygen series "Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins," is an expert.

At CrimeCon 2022, Jenkins spoke with Oxygen digital correspondent Stephanie Gomulka about "Killer Relationship," dating red flags, and how you know a romance is turning toxic.

"I've learned throughout my career not everyone knows how to handle it when a relationship ends," Jenkins told Gomulka.

In the aftermath of a romance, emotions run high as people try to determine how to move on. Sometimes, things can get ugly — and potentially even dangerous. But as many people know, a lot of those red flags may have already presented themselves while dating. 

"One way you can predict the success and longevity of a relationship is how they handle conflict. ... When people meet and are falling in love it's easy to be nice and kind and loving but the true test is how you treat each other when there is conflict," she noted.

It's the way fights are resolved that reveals whether a romance is becoming toxic, she advised. When one is intentionally trying to hurt their partner or more focused on winning an argument than coming to a resolution, the relationship is crossing over into an unhealthy territory. It's a red flag, Jenkins emphasized. For a relationship to succeed, both partners need to have respect for each other and handle their emotions in a mature way. 

Of course, you can determine potential red flags with someone before you even start dating these days. Jenkins explained that almost everyone has a "digital footprint" now. While you don't "have to go 'CSI,'" she laughed, it's a wise move to look up who you're about to enter a relationship with and determine if it may be a match, or if there are any warning signs or possible hints of incompatibility.

"You're not just falling into love. You're walking into love with eyes wide open," Jenkins advised.

While discussing her Oxygen show "Killer Relationship," Jenkins dove into two tragic and shocking stories: the murders of Griselda Cassamajor and Gretchen Anthony by their ex-partners.

Cassamajor was shot to death at her place of work in 2007, along with a coworker named Daniel Rivera. She had broken up with her boyfriend Drinel Joseph after multiple red flags: He hadn't been happy when she was pregnant or supportive when she subsequently had a miscarriage; he had been lying about being married; and he had gotten physically violent with her. Cassamajor saw the signs, and was soon moving on with a new boyfriend. That's when Joseph, who was "stewing over her," decided to kill her and murdered Rivera because he happened to be in the office with her at the time.

A turning point in the investigation had been when Cassamajor's mother found a note in her drawer from Cassamajor herself that advised if anything happened to her, Joseph was behind it.

"She knew in her heart of hearts he was capable of going where he did," Jenkins said.

Joseph was convicted of murder in 2008 and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Gretchen Anthony saw the warning signs and left her relationship, too, when she realized her husband, David Anthony, had begun acting erratically; she became so afraid of him that she began sleeping with a knife, according to Jenkins. But when Gretchen disappeared in March 2020 and started sending texts claiming she was hospitalized for COVID-19, her loved ones were suspicious. Security footage recovered from the cloud revealed David had come to her home and murdered her, and then tried to cover it up using the COVID-19 pandemic. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the case in 2020.

Tragically, even when one identifies the red flags and gets out, it can still be too late. Learn more about those cases on Oxygen.com. And keep an eye out for Season 2 of "Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins," which was announced at the panel.

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