Tanisha on Love Games Episode 8: Last Bad Girl Standing

It was great getting to be the host this season instead of the bad girl! I was seldom apart from all the drama and even though the host has a hard job, it was nice to be on the outside looking in.

All the girls did what they had to do and played the game well. But at the end of the day Lea had more guys on her team – so she’s clearly the best player!

I really didn’t root for one girl or another. It didn't matter to me who won, I liked all the girls. That said, I know how competitive Natalie is and how much it would have meant to her if she had won. It was hard to see her go, but Lea definitely played the games, and there can only be one winner.

As for my favorite guy… ooh wouldn't you like to know? Lol :) I liked a lot of them. Emilio was very sweet, and Taylor made me smile. But my two absolute FAVS were Benz and Corey B! I loved them! Especially Corey – so my type!

Being the host definitely gave me a different perspective. I never thought I would be a good host or even like it, but I did. I also got to be on the outside a bit, and it really gave me a fresh look on how difficult it is to be on camera 24/7. People don't respect a lot of reality stars, when they really should. What we do is not easy. There is no script, it's 100% us, and it's tough to be vulnerable like that in front of everyone all the time. It was so great to see the girls lay it all on the line in the hopes of finding true love.

Now that the show is over, I’m on tour hitting up many clubs and businesses all over the US. I'm even going to Aruba and Canada this summer! I also started my own party promotions team and company – Rich Gurl Inc. I look forward to all the many exciting projects I have ahead of me in the coming months! It's going to be an amazing year ;) Until next time xoxo.

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