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‘Have You Got Somebody, Holden — Someone You Can’t Catch?’ ‘Netflix Teases 'Mindhunter' Season 2

“His dreams will consume him," the character based on serial killer Ed Kemper tells Holden Ford and Bill Tench. "Soon the real world won’t even compare.”

By Gina Tron
John Douglas Reveals Which Cases Will Be In “Mindhunter” Season 2

As ‘Mindhunter’ lovers continue to chomp at the bit for the second season to begin, teases of the show’s focus continue to trickle out. This time, in official teaser form!

For those who are not yet obsessed — you should be, obviously, arrested for the ultimate crime. Just kidding. Here's the backstory: The show is based on the work of former FBI unit chief and profiler John Douglas.  The name of the series corresponds with one of Douglas’ books, “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit.” Jonathan Groff plays Holden Ford, a character based on Douglas, who interviews killers to try to understand their mindset and see if it can provide insight for other cases. A pioneer in criminal profiling, the real-life Douglas has been the inspiration for characters on the big and small screen, including Jack Crawford in “Silence of the Lambs.”

Mindhunter Kemper N

In the first season, Ford got familiar with serial killer Ed Kemper who offered insight into his own heinous killings. The second season will reportedly take on the portrayal of multiple killers, including its continuing creepy fictionalized coverage of the “BTK Killer,” Dennis Rader, and high-profile killers like David Berkowitz, aka the “Son of Sam.” 

The trailer is full of quick blips of the killers — in some cases, nothing more than a few film frames worth — and the portrayal of them is as frightening as one could hope. It kicks off with Ford and his partner Bill Tench, played by Holt McCallany, visiting their homicidal and imprisoned pal Kemper, played by Cameron Britton, asking him for insight on some of the serial killers.

"Have you got somebody, Holden?” Kemper’s character asks. “Someone you can’t catch?"

It then cuts to glimpses of unsolved crime scenes: A woman who can hear that someone is inside her house, a suspected killer driving up to a young boy on the street, images of bondage and cut phone wires.

“He has an overwhelming fantasy life, fantasies of what he’s done, what he wants to do,” Kemper tells the agents in the trailer. “His dreams will consume him. Soon the real world won’t even compare.”

“How do we catch a fantasy, Ed?” Tench then asks.

“If he’s any good, you can’t,” Kemper creepily replies.

For a moment in the trailer, there is a scene featuring African Americans marching a street, all wearing green ribbons. Green ribbons are synonymous with showing sympathy and respect to those affected by the Atlanta Child Murders, according to an archived 1981 report.

The Atlanta Child Murders haunted the city of Atlanta for two years between 1979 and 1981 as the bodies of mostly African American children were found all over the city. It became "one of the most publicized manhunts in American history, politicizing a town and polarizing a nation, every step of the investigation steeped in bitter controversy," according to Douglas' book "Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit.”