Brian Banks

From a promising young athlete to a convicted felon imprisoned for crimes uncommitted, Brian Banks’ story is one of inspiring resilience and redemption.

A star football player with NFL aspirations, Brian was on his way to accept a full-ride scholarship offer from the University of Southern California until his dreams were thwarted when he was falsely accused and subsequently convicted of raping a classmate. As a result, Brian served more than five years in prison and another five on parole as a registered sex offender. In 2011, his accuser admitted to fabricating the charges and with the help of the California Innocence Project, Banks was completely exonerated and earned tryouts with several NFL football teams before signing with the Atlanta Falcons.


Now a public speaker and prominent activist against wrongful convictions, Brian is passionate about sharing his story and igniting a much-needed conversation surrounding mass incarceration, race and justice in America. Motivated by his powerful motto, “It’s not what you go through, but how you allow it to affect you,” Brian offers personal perspective on redemption, overcoming unimaginable challenges and reclaiming one’s path in life.