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Crime News Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge

Who Were The Victims Of The Baton Rouge Killers?

Fear filled a Louisana city as women were shot, stabbed, and strangled over the span of a decade.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Between 1994 and 2004, many, many women were brutally murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. How could this killing spree have happened?

“Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge,” premiering Saturday, December 10 at 9/8c with a two hour-special and continuing Sunday, December 11 at 9/8c, takes an in-depth look at the unsettling trend. The show focuses on three murderers — Derrick Todd Lee, Sean Vincent Gillis and Jeffery Lee Guillory — who stalked the city at the same time.These killers claimed a staggering number of lives, murdering women of varying ages and races.

Who were the victims? Here’s what you need to know before the show premieres.

Victims of Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee

Derrick Todd Lee featured on Serial Killer Capitol Baton Rouge

Born in 1968 outside Baton Rouge, authorities believe Derrick Todd Lee, a high school dropout, killed at least seven women between the mid-’90s and 2003. DNA ultimately linked him to the victims.

Lee attacked Diane Alexander on July 9, 2002,  and she survived. She helped police create a composite sketch, according to wbrz.com

Randi Mebruer, 28, was abducted in April 1998. Signs of violence, including a blood trail, was found in her home. Her body has never been recovered.  

Nurse Gina Wilson Green, 40, was found murdered in her home near Louisiana State University on September 24, 2001. Autopsy reports showed that she was raped and strangled, wbrz.com reported.

LSU student Geralyn DeSoto, 21, was found dead in a pool of blood at her home in Baton Rouge by her husband on January 14, 2002.

Charlotte Murray Pace, who was 22 and had already earned her MBA, was stabbed 81 times and bludgeoned. Her body was found by her roommate on May 31, 2002.

Married antique shop owner Pam Kinamore, 44, was abducted from her home on July 12, 2002. Her body, which had defensive wounds, was found three days later. 

Trineisha Dene Colomb, 23, was kidnapped from her home and killed by blunt force trauma on November 21, 2002.

Carrie Lynn Yoder, 25, a graduate student at LSU, was kidnapped from her apartment on March 3, 2003. Her body was found 10 days later. She had been beaten, raped, and strangled.

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Lee was ultimately convicted for the murders of Pace and DeSoto, according to wafb.com

Victims of Serial Killer Sean Vincent Gillis

Sean Vincent Gillis featured on Serial Killer Capitol Baton Rouge

Sean Vincent Gillis confessed to eight murders, but not all of the cases were admissible in court. 

He was arrested on April 29, 2004 and booked for three counts of murder. 

Ann Bryan, 81, was stabbed dozens of times in her home at a retirement residence in March 1994.

Katherine Hall, 29, was found dead in a construction site in Baton Rouge in January 1999. Her nude body had ligature marks around her neck and stab wounds.

Hardee Schmidt, 52, was abducted while jogging in May 1999. Her body was found in a bayou off a highway, reported wafb.com.

Joyce Williams, 36, was found dead on November 12, 1999.

Lillian Robinson, 52, disappeared in January 2000. Her body was found three months later in a swampy area. She had been strangled with a plastic zip tie.

Marilyn Nevils, 38, was beaten and strangled in October 2000. Her body was discovered on a levee, where she had been dumped.

Johnnie Mae Williams, 45, was found dead in a wooded area in October 2003. She had ligature marks on her neck and cuttings on her back and legs.

Donna Bennett Johnson, 43, was found dead in February 2004. 

In 2008, Gillis was convicted of murdering Johnson and Joyce Williams.

Victims of Suspected Serial Killer Jeffery Lee Guillory

Jeffery Lee Guillory, who grew up in Baton Rouge, was ultimately convicted of murdering one woman but is suspected of killing others.

In December 2009 police alleged that DNA tied him to the deaths of Florida Edwards, 36, in 1999; Sylvia Cobb, 36, in 2001; and Renee Newman, 46, in 2002, reported wafb.com. The women had been strangled and beaten.

In 2011, while serving a 50-year sentenced for the 2007 attempted murder of a Lafayette woman, Guillory was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for Newman’s murder.

To learn more about these cases, watch “Serial Killer Capital: Baton Rouge,” premiering Saturday, December 10 at 9/8c with a two hour-special and continuing Sunday, December 11 at 9/8c.