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Crime News Snapped: Killer Couples

"Bonnie And Clyde" Couple Robs, Murders A Former Love Interest She'd Met On A Dating App

In speaking to Liz Rogan and Anthony DePuisaye-Greene's deadly crime spree on Snapped: Killer Couples, Det. Riley McNeal said, "usually you see remorse in situations like that, and Liz is glorifying it and making it romantic in her diary."

By Caitlin Schunn
A Twisted Couple Revealed in the Death of Travis Seiber

A couple described by police as being in a “Bonnie and Clyde” relationship not only robbed a man but took his life. The wild crime spree of Elizabeth Rogan and Anthony DePuisaye-Greene ended in Travis Seiber’s murder, according to police in a new episode of Snapped: Killer Couples, airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen. And a dating website ultimately tied all three together.

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“It was a dysfunctional relationship from the get-go, that unfortunately, ended up costing someone their life,” Jonathan Meyer, Lewis County Prosecutor, told Snapped: Killer Couples. “And when you get into a relationship like that—very few things that are good come out of it.”

What Happened To Travis Seiber?

Dispatchers in Ryderwood, Washington received a 911 call on March 18, 2019 from a woman who said she’d found her boyfriend dead on the kitchen floor.

The man was found lying on his back and had been shot in the face at close range, police said.

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Kiann Meloche is the one who discovered Travis Seiber’s body; she showed up at his home after being unable to reach him by phone. Officers discovered his cell phone was missing, as well as a hard drive DVR that was wired to his security cameras. Meloche also told police Seiber had been the victim of a robbery only a few months earlier, in January. As police talked to Seiber’s family and friends, it became clear he had several women in his life—many of whom he’d met on dating apps and social media.

Listen to the 911 Call Reporting Travis Seiber’s Death

“Travis was having a lot of relationships with a lot of different women,” Det. Lorenzo Gladson told Snapped: Killer Couples. “And some of those women were married women. So, there was certainly some concern that some of these married women’s husbands found out about the extramarital affair and decided to take matters into his own hands.”

A Tip Leads Police In A New Direction

As police were looking into possible suspects in Seiber’s murder, they got a tip from the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, about 40 miles north of Ryderwood. At least a dozen businesses had been burglarized in the last few months—and one of the suspects in the crime ring was caught on camera. That suspect shared information with police that one of his accomplices, Anthony DePuisaye-Greene, committed a murder in Ryderwood.

The suspect shared with police that DePuisaye-Greene lived with his 43-year-old girlfriend, Liz Rogan, and alleged that they used Rogan’s car during the burglary spree, as she acted as a lookout. Police got a warrant to search Rogan’s home.

(L-R) Mugshots of Elizabeth Rogan and Anthony DePuisaye-Greene, featured on Snapped: Killer Couples 1704

“One of the huge pieces of evidence that was recovered from Ms. Rogan’s residence was the firearm,” Meyer said. “It was determined to be the firearm that was used in the murder.”

Rogan admitted to police she met the victim, Travis Seiber, on the Plenty of Fish dating website back in 2014. She claimed they only met in person once and spoke a few times on the phone before losing touch. She also admitted to meeting Tony DePuisaye-Greene on the same dating website in 2018—and to committing burglaries with him.

“They enjoyed this 'Bonnie and Clyde' lifestyle,” Gladson said. “They were loving it. They were eating it up.”

But Rogan portrayed her relationship with DePuisaye-Greene in a very different way, and told police he was controlling, and she was afraid of him.

“One night, Tony was going through her dating websites and found a message from Travis to her,” said Det. Riley McNeal to Snapped: Killer Couples. “And that message upset Tony. So, Tony comes up with the idea to rob Travis. That idea consists of Liz distracting Travis, and while they’re engaged inside, Tony is going to burglarize the residence.”

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And police said they did just that. Text communications in January 2019 between Rogan and DePuisaye-Greene showed they were the ones involved with robbing Seiber.

“She’s feeding Travis drinks, trying to get him to pass out, all the while texting Tony ‘valuables here,’” McNeal said. “Telling what is there to take.”

Two months later, the couple returned to murder Travis Seiber, according to police.

Rogan told police DePuisaye-Greene was responsible for the whole thing, and portrayed herself as the victim, according to officers. DePuisaye-Greene had just been released from prison when she met him in 2018 and had a history of violent crimes. But a diary found in Rogan’s car changed everything.

“Inside the front cover of that diary, she had written, ‘The new age Bonnie and Clyde, riding ‘til the wheels fall off, and the homicide detectives pry us apart,’” Gladson said.

As Rogan portrayed DePuisaye-Greene as the mastermind and a monster to police, DePuisaye-Greene told a much different story from jail. He alleged that Seiber attacked Rogan and tried to sexually assault her, and that he entered Seiber’s home to help her. He also claimed he and Seiber wrestled with a gun in the home before he shot Seiber in self-defense. But police didn’t buy it.

“There was no evidence whatsoever that Liz was ever attacked by Travis that day,” Gladson said. “There was no evidence that there was an actual struggle, a physical struggle, between Travis and Tony anywhere near the back door.”

Rogan and DePuisaye-Greene Sentenced

“Liz and Tony’s personalities, when you put those together, and you factor in Tony’s violent nature, and then you take Liz, where she’s very self-centered, and romanticizes Tony’s behavior—this was unfortunately the perfect combination for what we saw,” McNeal said.

Rogan agreed to testify against DePuisaye-Greene at trial for a reduced sentence. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. She’s eligible for parole in 2032.

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Rather than go to trial, DePuisaye-Greene also pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, and was sentenced to 45 years in prison. He’ll be eligible for parole in 2061.

“We’re very fortunate he received a 45-year sentence,” Gladson said. “I don’t know that I’ve ever investigated a murderer who I felt was more likely to kill again than I feel about Tony. He’s just a dangerous individual and he needs to be in prison. Liz is equally dangerous.”

Seiber’s family was unhappy with Rogan’s sentencing.

“She should have got more,” said Ben Elkins, Seiber’s brother-in-law, to Snapped: Killer Couples. “She’s the one that caused the ultimate outcome of this investigation. If it wasn’t for her, this would never have happened.”

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