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These Are The Disturbing Crime Scene Photos From Ted Bundy's Murders

The serial killer was responsible for the murders of at least 30 young women. 

By Aly Vander Hayden

Between 1974 and 1978, serial killer Ted Bundy brutally assaulted and murdered at least 30 young girls and women. Though he was arrested and jailed multiple times for the attacks, Bundy managed to break out of prison twice throughout the investigation — once in June of 1977 and again in December of 1977. During his second escape, Bundy assaulted several women, resulting in the grisly murders of two Florida State University students and a 12-year-old girl.
The crime scene photos taken throughout the investigation until Bundy’s apprehension in 1978 provide insight into the brutality and sick mind of the manipulative and "charming" serial killer. Scroll down to see what authorities uncovered.

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Victim remains from the Issaquah dump site. In September 1974, police found the bodies of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund two months after they went missing from Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington. According to "Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy," the remains of multiple women were discovered along with Ott and Naslund in the remote wooded area known as Bundy's Issaquah dump site.

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Victim remains from the Issaquah dump site. Detective Kathleen McChesney told "Snapped Notorious," "There were jaw bones, teeth and body parts of victims who were not associated with one another found in the same location. It tells you very clearly that someone brought them there. They knew that this would be a discreet place to leave them — and perhaps murder them."

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Missing women from the Pacific Northwest. According to The Seattle Times, Bundy ultimately confessed to killing 11 women in Washington state, and investigators were able to identify the remains of eight victims.

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Items found in Ted Bundy's Volkswagon Beetle. In August 1975, a Utah state police officer pulled Bundy over after chasing him through a residential area. According to The New York Times, the trooper noticed Bundy parked in his tan Volkswagon with the lights out at around 2 AM, and when he pulled up behind the Beetle and flashed his lights, Bundy sped off. 

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Items found in Ted Bundy's Volkswagon Beetle. When the officer caught up to Bundy, he searched the car and found several suspicious items, including handcuffs, a rope, an ice pick, a nylon stocking with eye and mouth holes and a ski mask, which authorities later tied to missing women, according to the FBI. Bundy had an explanation for each of the items, and he was only charged with fleeing from a police officer.

Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University. In the early morning of January 15, 1978, Bundy carried out one of his most brutal attacks at the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He beat and sexually assaulted four female students as they were sleeping, and two of them died as a result of the attacks.

Pile of chopped wood behind Chi Omega. Investigators discovered Bundy had used a wood log to bludgeon the sorority sisters. Investigative journalist Kevin Sullivan told "Snapped Notorious" that it "wasn't a well-planned attack" and Bundy "had taken a log from that yard and he was smashing them with that log."

Chi Omega attack. FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier told “Snapped Notorious," "Ted Bundy had a non-threatening physical being — he fit into the crowd well. My understanding was while emergency personnel were around the Chi Omega house, he was in the crowd drinking a beer."

Duplex of Cheryl Thomas, Debbie Ciccarelli and Nancy Young. After Bundy fled the Chi Omega house, he made his way to the apartment of student Cheryl Thomas a few blocks away. Thomas was severely beaten with the same wood log he used in the sorority assaults, and she survived with a broken jaw and a severed nerve in her left ear.

Cheryl Thomas assault. To this day, Thomas does not have any recollection of her attack, telling "Snapped Notorious," "I can’t remember being attacked at all. To wake up in a room that you don’t recognize was quite baffling. And they didn’t want to describe right away how I was hurt, but my mother told me I was very upset every time a male nurse came into my room."

Pantyhose found in Cheryl Thomas' apartment. According to court documents, a knotted pair of pantyhose was found in Thomas' room, and holes had been cut into the material to create a mask. 

To learn more about the case, listen to exclusive audio from FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier's interviews with Bundy and watch survivors reunite for the first time in 40 years, tune in to “Snapped Notorious: Ted Bundy” on Sunday, July 15 at 6/5c. 

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