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The Glee Project's Abraham Lim made it pretty far in the show's second season. But what is he up to now? Turns out he's been working hard on some major projects and collaborating with some other Glee Project names you may recognize! Scroll down for the Q&A, and tune into episodes of Glee, airing every Saturday morning on Oxygen, and streaming online now! 

What are you currently working on?

Thanks to The Glee Project and the help of Robert Ulrich and his associates Alex Newman and Alana Balden, I have been signed to an incredible team of people (the best manager and agent I could have asked for) who get me out on auditions all the time, more than a few of which I have come so close to booking. I booked my first job on the new hit TV show The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and my episode aired on October 17th. A week after I got that role, I booked a role on NBC's Welcome to the Family with Glee's own Joey Haro and Mike O'Malley (both of whom were the nicest people I could have worked with). I've been working so hard learning and honing my crafts, so I know they're the first of many.

This will come as a HUGE bit of news for Gleeks everywhere, but I will be performing with Blake Jenner, Melissa Benoist, Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce for "One Night Only" at Modesto's very own Gallo Arts Center, which seats 1251 people. The show is on February 22, 2014 and I'm already brainstorming on what I'll be singing, choreography, outfits and set pieces. Needless to say, it's going to be an amazing show and there may be a surprise or two during my set. Also, there will be a surprise guest and we're talking a big, special guest.

Where are you living? 

After The Glee Project started airing, I immediately moved to Los Angeles and lived in Koreatown with fellow Glee Project contestant Tyler and my best friend from back home. Afterwards, I moved to the Noho Arts District. It's far enough from Hollywood and all of the insanity that comes with it, but close enough where I can get around to auditions, acting classes and all of that. Plus, there are tons of theaters, dance studios and recording studios within walking distance, so it's an artist's dream-come-true. 

Do you still keep in touch with the other contestants from your season or otherwise? 

I still keep in touch with most of the people from my season. I spoke with Maxfield the other day, Shanna and I keep playing phone tag because we're both so incredibly busy (and by the way, her music is amazing). I miss Michael because he's on the other side of the country now and Lily, Aylin, Nellie, Tyler—I see them all from time to time. Ali and Dani, I think, are making the move out to L.A. and I cannot wait to see them (Taryn, time for you to follow suit and get your petite butt out here!). I saw Blake just yesterday and I love him so much. So proud of him and I couldn't be happier for him because he deserves everything good in his life. 

From season 1, Cameron was probably my closest buddy, but he's in Nashville now, working on his music (he's so good, it hurts), so I haven't spoken to him in a little while. I see Lindsay, Damian, Samuel, Hannah, Marissa and Bryce from time to time. Alex Newell also gets his own sentence because he's just such a good person and he makes the best food from that entire season.

How much has your life changed since being on The Glee Project?

I mean, I have an agent and a manager now—and they're incredible. It's mind-boggling because there are tons of actors who come out to Los Angeles and even after hustling for years, they still don't have an agent and after being on The Glee Project, I have one of the best agents and managers in town. That, in and of itself, is pretty remarkable and life-changing.

I get to do what I love. I walk into rooms of casting directors, producers, writers and directors and get to show them what I love to do, which is horrifying and such a high at the same time. I sold out The Roxy with my friends, which was The Roxy's first sold-out Sunday night show in years, and the venue had to turn away 300+ people. I'm writing a freaking television show and movie. 

More than anything, I think that being on The Glee Project helped me to realize that anything that I want for myself or dream of doing, I can get and do. I've grown so much on a personal level in this past year and a half and I think that's reflected in the work that I put forth. 

What was your favorite song or performance from Glee Season 4? 

"Juke Box Hero." It was Blake's first musical number on Glee (and it was with Cory) and I remember just crying... during an upbeat, fun number... and probably thinking to myself, "I probably look like a crazy person, but I'm so proud." I looked over at Blake and just told him how proud I was. I won't ever forget that moment. 

And Lea Michele's "Oh, Holy Night" was just ridiculous. Like, please stop rubbing the fact that you are so insanely talented in my face because it's impossible for me to love you more.

If you could choose one current Glee cast member to perform with on Glee, who would it be and why? 

As much as I want to say Naya (because how epically fierce would that be) or Darren, I think it would be so much fun to perform with Alex Newell because it would just be sass-a-frass and that boy can sing for days on end. 

Looking back, are there things you would have done differently during the competition during your season of The Glee Project?

I'm sure everyone is waiting for me to talk about one particular instance that involves a pair of ridiculously high boots and going back on stage, but... no. If anything, I wish I had known myself as well as I do now and had gone about being on the show. Having said that, I truly believe that there is a reason in the timing of various circumstances, so I guess the short answer would be no. The long answer would be... well, I'll have a really good book one day.

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