We will all miss you Uncle Danny!

It felt odd to be home from Patsy's. I loved being with her and her family. Miss her so much. She just puts me at ease. And, I love doing makeovers and helping out the ones I love. I'm a caretaker. I’m just not so good at taking care of me. Sometimes I have trouble finding "me" time. Being back in Hollywood, it felt like full speed ahead and work, work, work. Life has a way of catching up with you. I love what I do and love being creative and starting business ventures. I just need to learn how to find a good balance between everything that is going on in my life.

So, when my Uncle Danny sadly passed away I think my body's way of coping with the grief and stress was to just to break down and get sick. Uncle Danny was so important to me and, really, he was the only direct connection I had family wise with my Dad. So losing him felt like losing my Dad all over again. I am just sad he won't be around to see the kids grow up, but I am grateful for the years we had together. I loved having him in my children's lives. I'm sure he's watching over them and telling my Dad all about his beautiful grandkids!

On the business front, I loved that Dean's Movie Of the Week "Always & Forever" aired. I think he's SUCH a talented actor. I wish more people realized that. He has such an amazing work ethic and I think he would be amazing on a series! He could play such a good leading man! I’m so proud. My Little Maven photo shoot went well! I was actually grateful our show filmed it since I couldn't be there for most of it cause I was sick. Then at least I got to watch my own photo shoot on TV! Sounds odd but it is true! The Twitter models rocked it! So happy I found them all via the Twitter contest.

I think the thing I can try to take away from everything that happened was that I need to slow down and focus on what's important. My family!

They are my heart and soul and if Mom's run down and stressed then I'm no good to anyone. I really want to find my balance of work vs. home. The two often blend cause my work is my home and my home is my work. Make sense? And, to be grateful for everyday we can share with our loved ones! We will all miss you Uncle Danny! Xoxo

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