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Drake Coined His Own Celebrity Relationship Name With Taylor Swift

And bought us a ticket to the gun show at the same time.

Drake and Taylor Swift have been working on something together for awhile. Some people think they’re working on a relationship, but I think it’s more likely that it’s a branding partnership. Maybe even music, if Taylor Swift’s threats to get into hip hop come through.

Last year, Swift put out a commercial for Apple Music where she falls on her face singing along to “Jumpman” on the treadmill:

Drake published his own Apple Music commercial on Instagram, where he’s working out to “Bad Blood.” All right, we get it, you both work out! This version is a hundred times better, because Drake does a lot of goofy dancing and also makes it clear he would never, ever let his trainer know he’s listening to T-Swift:


Bad news: If you look closely, Drake has introduced their celebrity couple name with the hashtag "#Draylor." Hope I don’t think about that at the gym, or I might fall down in my own barf.

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