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Very Real Bad Girls Club

Exclusive: Natalie Nunn Is Pregnant And We Have The Nude Photos To Prove It!

"The name part has been hard... just know it will be outside the box. There's no way I'm going with a popular name a lot of people have!"

By Eric Shorey

Natalie Nunn, one of the baddest girls to ever walk through the Bad Girls Club mansion, is about to break the internet with some big news: she's pregnant! In an exclusive interview, Miss Natalie opens up about her hopes and dreams for her future child and whether or not her baby will some day grow up to be just as bad as Mom.

Oxygen: Hey Natalie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! First of all, how are you feeling?!

Natalie Nunn: I'm feeling motherly! No, honestly the first trimester was hell for me! I had morning sickness all day everyday! It was so bad I literally felt like I was sleeping in the bathroom floor by the toilet. I had a hard time just keeping any food down. But now I'm in my 2nd trimester — almost entering my 3rd — and I feel great. Eating healthy, doing my fit pregnancy workouts, and staying in great shape! 

O: When / how did you find out you were pregnant?

NN: I found out I was pregnant the second my boobs hurt so bad I could barely sleep on my chest! I just knew it! I had been down this road once before when I had my miscarriage 2 years ago. But I was in New York City this summer — when I flew home my husband and I went to see my doctor and sure enough I was pregnant! Very exciting news I was just crying with joy! 

O: Are you planning on doing a traditional baby shower or gender reveal party?

NN: Yes! Of course this is a huge moment for me and my husband and my entire family. All I've ever wanted was a beautiful big healthy family. This baby is the one thing I'm the most thankful for in my entire life. Everything wer'e doing — the nursey, the baby shower, the reveal party — is all traditional and classic! We are going for a classic traditional look.

O: Do you have hopes or plans if the baby is a boy or a girl?

NN: I always have seen myself having a house full of boys. I'm such a tomboy at heart — played soccer my whole life and ran track — I just have always seen myself being able to handle boys so much easier than girls. Plus I do have a nephew and I do great with him. I think boys will fit me perfectly.

O: If it's a girl: are you going to raise her to be a bad girl, too?

NN: [Laughs] If it's a girl we can already say she is a bad girl cause she's been kicking my tummys butt lately! [Laughs] I feel her kicking all the time. But you know, I will raise her to speak out in what she believe's in and to always stand up for herrself. I want her to walk to the beat of her own drum! Be you! Cause mommy and daddy will love you no matter what. If she's a bad girl she'll be a really successfull, empowering, and strong bad girl! 

O: Any names you've been considering?

NN: Now, the name part has been hard — we really have been struggling thinking of baby names! Just know it will be outside the box. There's no way I'm going with a popular name a lot of people have! I want something different but also classy.

O: This photo-shoot is in the style of the famous Kardashian images — are you a Kardashian fan?

NN: Who isnt secretly a Kardashian fan? [Laughs] I love the Paper Magazine "Break The Internet" and have fun type of shoot! We have so many classy traditional images that my husband and I have taken while I'm pregnant so we can have for our home on the wall, so I wanted to do something that's totally me! Outside the box, wild, fun, edgyness! So I just went for it. I had a blast and I think my pregnant self totally rocked it! [Laughs]

O: Have you been keeping up with BGC16? Got any favorite new girls?

NN: It's so funny — all the years Ive been on Bad Girls Club, fans would come up to me and say, "I totally watched your whole season while I was pregnant cause I was just in the house!" [Laughs] Well I usually don't have all the time in the world on my hands. I'm usually always flying somewhere or busy — but since becoming pregnant I decided I wanted to slow down and be home and relax the whole time. I've found myself flipping through the channels — so, yes I was keeping up with season 16! I liked [Brynesha] Talone. She was the one I would like to have seen more of on the show. 

O: Will being a mother tone down your badness?

NN: Being a mother will change a lot but never who I am as a person! I feel I have toned down a lot and have focused on family, my husband, my health, fitness, staying in shape, and now my child will be number one on the top of my list. 

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