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Very Real

Farrah Abraham Thinks It's Hilarious That Everyone Hates Her Frozen Yogurt

Too sweet.

By Aimée Lutkin
Farrah Abraham: 13 Things You Should Know

Did you know Teen Mom Farrah Abraham founded a frozen yogurt stand? Me either, even though we’ve spent so much time together. This is probably because she’s got so many entrepreneurial enterprises going at all times, plus the distracting drama of being on a TV show that may kick her ass off any minute. But, lots of other people remember that Abraham squeezes out yogurt into everybody’s cups. They even take the time to trash her product on Yelp. But you know what? She don’t care.

Abraham showed an eight-minute video of herself and her friend Paola reading the worst of the worst reviews her FROCO is getting, and she obviously thinks they’re all a big joke.

For example, this person who may or may not have an agenda: “Flies on the windows the whole time. Really bad tension between manager and employee made the whole experience awkward. Topping station was ridiculously messy with toppings inside other topping containers all mixed together! Don’t waste your time here – Save your money and go to baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen !! I’ll never come back here. Gross and unorganized. A Pornstar owner and a family Frozen Yogurt place don’t exactly go together.”

That’s not very sex positive. I doubt Abraham is filming her next adult movie in the dairy fridge. She also can’t really be blamed if the manager is having a spat with the employee. On the other hand, you should always go to Dairy Queen if you have a chance to.

You can try to find a FROCO store and make your own decision, but whether or not you like it, Farrah Abraham doesn’t care. She’s already got your money.

[Photo: Getty]

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